The Diaper Cake

I have received so many great comments about the picture of the diaper cake that I posted in my Baby Pumpkins & Cupcakes post. I have to say that the making of the diaper cake was my favorite part of the whole baby shower planning process. I love creating things for other people and imagining what their reactions will be when they see them. I know that we are all busy these days, but there is nothing more personal than a homemade gift that you put your heart and your time into making.

I saw a diaper cake at a baby shower a few years ago. The host of the shower purchased the cake on the web. They looked so easy to make, so I immediately went home to do some You Tubing. I found that their are so many different ways to make them and decorate them. You can decorate them with baby items or you can make them look like a wedding cake- which is actually my preference. Here are a few cakes that are made by the Baby Gift Idea.

After watching several "how to" videos on You Tube, I came up with my own method of making them. My cakes are completely held together with rubber bands and decorated using silk flowers, ribbon, and whatever else I can find that represents the theme of the event. I like to use the cake as a centerpiece, so I make them substantial- at least 4 to 5 tiers. I can't divulge all of my secrets, but I can show you some pics! Here are some snapshots of the process of my most recent diaper cake:

So this was my first cake...

And this was my latest cake...

The cakes take about 3-5 hours to make, depending on the size. The reactions from my friends are worth every second! I would love to make them for you or anyone else you know! Just message me!
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  1. Hey Tiffany, this is Monya, I think your blog is great, Iam throwing a baby shower for my best friend in Feb and reading how you did the baby shower for your friend has given me some ideas. I just wanted to let you know to keep up the blod, its great.. Love you cousin..<3

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