Those people who know me well know that I am my absolute happiest when I am on the beach - a good crisp, clear blue water, white sand kind of beach. Well know that I was my absolute happiest on the beach in Tulum. It's definitely one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. The sand is white and fine, the water is really soft, warm, and blue, and the vibe on the beach is really relaxed and laid back. Gosh - just writing that makes me want to book a trip back there!

Anyway, here are a few scenes from the beach - which is pretty much where we were most of the trip. I've also sprinkled a few tips and comments in between - just in case you or someone you know may want to visit this amazing place one day...

Tip #1: No need to bring your own beach chairs and umbrella to the beach if you aren't staying on the beach. The hotels along the beach have their own "beach beds" that you can use- even if you aren't a guest at the hotel. All you have to do is order a few drinks and/or appetizers and you're set. At least that is what worked for us. We settled each day at a boutique hotel called Le Zebra, which was recommended to us by a local. The beach beds were so beautiful and comfortable (see the next photo)! They came with Wi-fi and even included plugs for phones! The food was delicious, too, which I will show and tell you about in the next blog post. 

Tip #2: Speaking of the locals, we didn't meet one single person that wasn't friendly! Everyone there was really nice and helpful. So don't hesitate to ask for tips or advice on anything. They'll give it to you. 

Tip #3: Wear LOTS AND LOTS of sunscreen! I don't care if you are white, black, brown, blue, or yellow - or if the sun is shining or not. Wear the sunscreen - especially if you have sensitive skin like I do! I wore this sunscreen on my body and it worked beautifully. But I didn't wear it on my face thinking that my moisturizer with SPF 15 and a hat would be enough. It wasn't. My face got scorched and it is honestly just now getting back to normal. The sun - even when it's not out - is really strong there, so a good quality sunscreen is crucial.

Tip #4: Wear mosquito repellant. Mosquitos are vicious there around this time of the year. I personally don't like chemical-laden repellent, so we wore these mosquito bracelets instead (I'm wearing a blue one in the photo above). They worked like a CHARM! I never got bit, but a friend of mine did at a time when they weren't wearing the bracelet, so I know they work!

Oh I'm wearing this bikini (top HERE, bottoms HERE) which is currently on sale!

Tip #5: Probably the #1 touristy thing to do in Tulum is to visit the Mayan Ruins. We went on the last day of our trip around noon. Big mistake. It was SO HOT! If you are in Tulum around this time of year, go early in the morning when it is cooler. Even during the cooler months, I would still get there early because it can be quite crowded. 

The photo above and the last few photos are from the ruins. That big blue beautiful ocean was at the edge of the ruins and was such a welcome site to see! I kinda enjoyed that more than the ruins... :)

Tip #6: This maybe should have been my #1 tip, but here goes. Bring plenty of cash- in pesos. And bring more than you think you will need. They do take credit cards and dollars, but it's more expensive to use those forms of money. There are ATMs, but the fees can be high and the exchange rates aren't the fairest. The restaurants seemed to prefer pesos. Also, cabs are the easiest way to get around town and paying in pesos is the easiest thing for the drivers. 

Don't you just wanna go there!! Wait until you see the FOOD! That's coming up next!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Good to know about the mosquito bands. Elie gets eaten alive every time she takes her dogs out.

  2. WOW! Just look amazing.
    Thanks for the awesome photos and will try to visit this place soon.

  3. Wonderful photos!

    Hope you had a great time there :)

    My new blog...

  4. Love this post and LOVE that bikini! Question for you, how was the seaweed situation and were the beaches rocky at all? I have been snookered by beautiful beach pictures too many times at Mexican resorts only to find that the beaches are choked with seaweed and super rocky. I go to play in the ocean - it's my happy place.

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