Hello there! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was a bit eventful. I had a great night out on the town with a good friend. I'm not a party girl, so rare late nights out are both fun and interesting to me. I got asked out by a married guy (he was CLEARLY wearing his wedding band) and another guy who said he was about to ask me out until I told him what I did for a living. He said I was too smart for him, then moved along. At least he was honest about his thoughts, but dang! I got home late and got sucked into a Lifetime movie called "The Husband She Met Online." Of course the husband was crazy. So all in all, it was quite a night on the guy front...

Anyway, the next day after recovered, I engaged in some retail therapy. I picked up this bracelet from Madewell that I have been eyeing for a while. It's simple, makes a statement, and it's on sale! I also picked up a new pair of sunnies. Quality beats quantity when it comes to sunnies for me, so I like to have one black pair and one brown pair. That's it. So I got these D&G cat eye sunnies that fit my weird shaped face perfectly. I also picked up this reasonably priced chunky GAP cable knit sweater and this classy little clutch from Zara. I feel much better now... :)

Other than that, my weekend was spent reading mags and baking with mini M&M's. I'll show you what I did with them tomorrow! Happy Monday!

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  1. Feeling sorry for the first guys wife! And, I would say at least the other won points for honesty! LOL Oh MY!! Love all the goodies you found.

  2. Too smart for them?! WHO says that??? Isn't that, like, the best quality possible in a woman? I'll punch him in the face... ; )

  3. That is a really weird comment from him. Love the bracelet!

  4. That was an interesting night!! I wonder what type of woman the second guy prefers since he felt you were "too smart"!!?? I love Hydrangeas!!

  5. I love hydrangeas. I have them planted all over my garden.


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