{This week's flowers...}

Hi there... I hope the first few days of February treated you well! How in the world is it already February?? Anyway, I had one of those weekends where I basically didn't sit down until right before the Super Bowl started. But I got a lot done and I'm thankful for that. I accomplished a MAJOR (well major to me) goal on Saturday that I will tell you about tomorrow. I'm so excited about it! I had a great dinner at this three-week old restaurant that I HIGHLY recommend if you live in or visit Atlanta. The decor is amazing (proof is here) and the food is even more amazing. On Sunday, I made this for the third time since I posted the recipe. It's just so dang good and was appropriate for the game - a game I admittedly only watched for the commercials - which I admittedly only watched for about an hour. :) Anyway, cheers to a new month my friends... I hope it's a good one!

{Afternoon light in my living room...}

{My new gold pig bookends that I love that double as a bracelet holder... }

{My favorite spectacles, my favorite throw and my new favorite mag. That was a great lazy moment... }

Images by me

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  1. Tulips! MY Favorite! And this post just makes me want to curl up on your couch and grab a magazine! Thanks for the peak to a quiet afternoon! Have a great day.

  2. Love love love your new pig book ends. Adorable. And gorgeous flowers! Makes me realize I need some. :)

  3. Beautiful flowers!! And soooo intrigued!!!!

  4. lovely photos!! And now I must come back tomorrow for the big news! love your piggy bookends....and the mag? had not heard of it before....hmmmm

  5. Oh your home is so cozy and your photos are beautiful ....... as usual. I just picked up some tulips today also. Can't wait to see what your big surprise is and those bangles are fabulous!


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