One of my favorite memories from my vacation was practicing photography with my brother. We both love photography (he is so very talented at it!) and it was just fun for me to be able to talk camera-talk with him. One afternoon on our way to the beach, we stopped so he could take these photos. I know I've already talked about what I'm wearing in this post, but I wanted to put these photos on the blog to show you how I styled it all up- and most importantly to have a visual memory of how much fun I had working with my brother. This was our first time doing a shoot like this together and he told me where to move my head, where to put my arms, where to sit, where to stand, how to stand - everything. One of my fondest memories of our childhood is of us building cities on the dining room table made entirely out of legos - and today he's all grown up and telling me what to do. I couldn't be more proud of him... :)

A few notes: The peasant top runs REALLY large, so I wore it as a cover-up. If you wear it as a cover-up, go one size down. If you want to wear it as a regular top, then go two sizes down. The swimsuit ran small for me. I actually went two sizes up so it would fit my top and backside, but I sacrificed a good fit on my waist. It might be different for you though!

Madewell Peasant Top | J.Crew Swimsuit | Target Panama Hat | Madewell Straw Beach Tote | J. Crew Denim Shorts (old) similar here and here | Serena & Lily Turkish Beach Towel | J.Crew Bracelet | Dolce & Gabanna Sunglasses | Gorjana Chloe Necklace

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