{A big new bunch of mums on my patio... Lets all ban together and pray I can keep them alive!}

Hi there! How was your weekend? Things have been "eventful" (I'm working on not using the word "busy" all the time) lately. Kitchen reno plans (why are things SO dang expensive??), house management, work, friends, working on my Halloween costume (the first time I'll wear one in YEARS), and ridiculously enjoying these crisp fall days are pretty much whats been up as of late. These photos show ya a few more random things and moments from the last few weeks. I hope you have a good week!! 

{A favorite classic fall combo - all found on sale at the Gap! You know I LOVE a good quality trench coat and this one is GOOD (may or may not already be sold out - see the longer version here)! The striped tee is super reasonable in price, has a great shape, and is so soft. Go one size up, though.

{Me practicing for my holiday card photo shoot, which happened yesterday and it turned out so good! Can't wait to show you... Yes I will be that girl who features just her cat on her holiday card this year. #sorrybutnotsorry }

{I shot my first baby shower a few weeks ago and this was my favorite photo. This was my friend's grandmother's first time seeing her at the shower. Seeing her grandmother's happiness for her was priceless... }

{I'm currently reading "Better," by Amy Robach. She's the Good Morning America anchor who had a mammogram on live TV - later to find out that she actually had breast cancer. This is quite honestly not my kind of book, but I was so drawn to her rawness and honesty about the cancer, her family, and her work in the sample of the book that I ended up downloading the whole thing. I'm so glad I did. Cancer is a beast that effects so much more than just the body and her book really deals with that. It's quite fitting for this month and I'm glad to be reading it...}

Images by me
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  1. I'm in need of a good book. We are finally moving into our house, and unpacking all our stuff, which includes my nook. Thank goodness!

  2. The mums are incredible and I cannot get over the image you beautiful!

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