{The view from our hotel room. It had a new Hollywood look on the inside and an old Hollywood look on the outside. Loved it... }

Hi there!! Sorry for the silence over the last few weeks. There are reasons - the most exciting of which is that I was in Los Angeles! I love people who make me laugh and Ellen Degeneres has always been one of those people. I have been requesting tickets through her website for years and I FINALLY got them! So my mom and brother flew with me to L.A. to see a taping of the show and we had so much fun! In a nutshell, what I saw at the show is exactly what you see on TV. The taping is an hour (it goes by so fast!), and not much is edited out. The show actually aired on TV the day after it taped! The only thing you don't see on TV is the audience dancing before the show and during the commercial breaks. We got quite a good workout! My mom even got to do a little solo dance with tWitch! I was lucky enough to get a coveted aisle seat, so Ellen danced right next to me at the beginning of the show. Surreal... Ryan Reynolds was the guest - such a cutie. Note that if you are even in L.A. during a time where she is taping and want to see a show, stop by the studio and stand in the standby line! I'm pretty sure everyone I saw in the standby line actually got in the show!

I didn't bring my big camera with me, so here are a few fun moments via my iPhone. So fun to check things off of my bucket list!

{My first trip to In-N-Out Burger! My quick review: The burger was really good and fresh! The fries - not so much. They lacked a little flavor... But I'd go back in a heartbeat... :) }

{Me and my brother... He doesn't watch Ellen like Mom and I do, but you couldn't tell from his amazing attitude. He was just excited to be along with us for the ride. I just love him... }

{Sunny L.A... The weather alone made me consider moving there. But then there's the traffic. My goodness!! God bless the Uber drivers - who were amazing to us by the way... } 

{ We ate at a cute little healthy lunch spot called Grilliant in Burbank before the show. I would have packed the whole restaurant up in my suitcase if it would have fit. The freshness of the food was on a totally different level. So good... }

{So here was my "ticket" to the show along with a little questionnaire we had to fill out before we went in. They didn't tell us who was going to be on the show until right before we lined up to go to the studio, so of course I was thinking we were going to see Adele!!! But Ryan sufficed... :) }

{The Ellen gift shop - aka the Riff Raff room - where I fell right into the trap of buying everything from an Ellen hoodie to a water bottle. Anything to remember such a fun time! }

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  1. yay! so glad you got that chance. I know you had a wonderful time!

  2. Sounds and looks like you guys had an amazing time! I have tickets for the Ellen show next month (first time going :)) and I noticed you got ticket qnumber 38. How early were you in line? And does it matter what number you get? any other tips are greatly appreciated!

    Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Leslie!! So exciting that you are going to the show! Would you send me an e-mail? I will then respond with all the details!! Thanks!

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