If you are wondering if I still love interiors, the answer is unequivocally yes. It's hard for me to watch Food Network these days, so I've watched more HGTV than ever. Fixer Upper is probably my favorite show at the moment (obviously). Chip and Joanna are just the cutest couple and their work is beautiful, updated, and high-quality - unlike the work on some of the other shows I've seen. Anyway, my HGTV watching has unsurprisingly got me thinking more about redecorating my own home. My kitchen reno got put on hold last year, but ideas are populating in my head again, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, I'm just collecting inspiration/dreaming. Will my next kitchen be white?? While I love a good, clean bright white kitchen, this beautiful kitchen by DeVOL has me thinking outside the norm... The shaker cabinets and concrete counters are dark, but all of the natural light from the steel windows keeps the space bright. Love that balance. It's pretty right??

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  1. Chip and Joanna are fabulous. I've loved every home so far. Concrete counter tops are the business. I would have never thought of using such a medium as concrete it's gorgeous and durable. I'm obsessed with white kitchens and copper accents but I see a shift coming and I like it. Dark kitchen can be lovely too. I like this☺

  2. We of course love Chip and Joanna. And miss Waco terribly!! Love the look of that kitchen. My girlfriend has a brick wall in hers and I adore it.
    Oh, and thought you'd be interested to know...finally got Katie in to my doc and low and behold he is pretty darn sure she has a thyroid disorder!!! Elie is hoping to get in soon, but has been soooo busy with cheer tryouts. I am starting to see a pattern. My mom just recently had hers tested because her neurologist suggested it...guess what? Normal...but they didn't run the full panel. Double UGH!!

  3. It is very nice!

  4. Very nice, congratulations.

    Mia Coman , Sighisoara-Romania

  5. Such a gorgeous kitchen! Yu always pick out the best inspiration! Hope you have a great week! XO

  6. What a beautiful kitchen! I love the very special but also folksy touch! I'm going to move to an apartment at soon and there are still decisions to make concerning the bathroom and the kitchen and I'm really excited for our next meeting with the interior designer!!
    Have a great day and thank you for the amazing posts!

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  8. Fabulous look. Great ideas ion this space - including the ample storage in such a narrow space. Great find.

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