This sideboard and the yellow accessories are a perfect depiction of how I feel today, which is HAPPY!

IT IS APRIL 15th!! 

I am a CPA in real life, so today is like Christmas to me. The deadline this year is actually Monday, but most of my work will be completed today. I'm so happy...

I would like to thank Dana and Dayka for stepping in for me this week! Their posts were wonderful, so look back in case you missed them.

See you next week and have a great weekend!
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  1. Oh yes, this makes me happy too! I'm really digging yellow these days! Happy Friday girl!

  2. MERRY FREEDOM day to you!!! ;) xo

  3. yay! Go out and play or sleep, which ever makes you happy ;) Love the image!

  4. Congratulations you made it! Have a wonderful weekend...hopefully you'll be taking a little time to relax.

  5. Love the blog, Tiffany! Yellow is such a happy color, it has really grown on me lately!
    Have a great weekend and I hope to meet you at the Nicholas House install!

  6. Oh yay for April 15th! And we JUST sent our taxes in today...oops! Hope you have a wonderful's well deserved! :)

  7. Merry Christmas + Happy Birthday + TGIF!!! Ugh -- can't imagine being a CPA around tax season. :(

    I love that image of the console you posted... love the console and LOVE the mirror. Gorgeous.

  8. Hey! Congratulations on completing your "project"! I love the "sideboard" and the yellow makes me happy, as well! Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. That is really nice to hear. thank you for the update and good luck Wyndry


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