The Details...


Well, today is the big day! I have to admit- I don't think I am as excited as some people (like I won't be waking up at 4AM thanks to my DVR), but I am looking forward to seeing the dress and the other little details like the flowers, the rings, the "kiss" and the cake. Loving this rose cake...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!
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Update: Soooo I watched the wedding when I woke up this morning. Thanks to my DVR, I could fast forward to the good part, like when Kate arrived at the church. GOSH she looked GORGEOUS. I thought her dress was so elegant and not overdone or too poofy. McQueen is a genius! I'm not a veil person, but I thought hers was perfection. I loved Pippa's dress, too! I saw the kiss and ummmmm- they could have done a little better. Anyway, chime in with your thoughts!!
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  1. I was up for the pomp & circumstance. Gorgeous dress! Loved the lace & the train length(only 6 feet) She was a stunning bride. I loved that she kept her hair down, too. Such an inspired choice. Love that rose cake! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Agree! That kiss was a little weak! Both kisses were ,I think!
    Loved the dress! Pippa... beautiful too. I also agree, I was happy to see her hair down and simple.
    Have a pretty day !

  3. I liked her hair down also and I thought that her dress was just beautiful. I hope that you and your family and your home are okay. Just seeing the pictures on television of Alabama it is just like something from a movie not like it could really happen like that.

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