Kale, Spinach & Pear Smoothie

I must be honest. Before I wrote the Going Green post that I shared last week, I planned to share a recipe with you that I made over the holidays that involved two sticks of butter, three cups of sugar, three cups of flour and six eggs. Whole eggs that is. 

But this green dream of a drink is probably 1,200 calories healthier and dare I say, almost better than what I originally planned to share. 

The drink involves half of one of these beautiful Bosc pears...

and a handful of this Lacinato kale.

I never would put the two of those ingredients together...

But they work. Very well. Promise. 

Here is what you need and what to do:

1 1/2 cups of cold almond milk
1/2 pear, diced
1 cup of spinach
1 cup of chopped kale- stems removed
1 frozen banana
1 tablespoon of honey

Add the spinach, kale and almond milk into a blender and blend until the mixture is very smooth. Then add the pear, banana and honey. Blend again until smooth. 

When you take your first sip, you will taste the banana, the almond milk and a hint of sweetness from the pear and the honey. The spinach and the kale are certainly there, but are hidden somewhere in the background. I could barely taste them. Crazy!

My body and I thank Joy The Baker for sharing this genius of a drink.

Oh and P.S... Drink this with a straw if you don't want to get caught walking around with little pieces of kale or spinach in between your teeth!

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Images by me
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  1. I really want to try this one! And, the photos you took are amazing!

  2. Your pictures actually make this appetizing and I must say normally this would not appeal to me..but I am a good sport and willing to give it a go.

  3. so so funny! Just last night I was at the grocery store and I was like "i need to get back on a green drink!" So I bought pears, spinach, & dates. It makes THE BEST smoothie and if you add a dash of cinnamon it really makes it special. Now Im going to have to add kale to the mix-totally forgot about Kale. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Your photos are BEYOND gorgeous!! It would make me try anything...especially this! :)

  5. I just bought a new Vitamix blender and I'm going to give this a try. Heading out to the store later to pick up the ingredients! Looks good to me!

  6. Everyone is talking about these green, kale drinks. They proven to be amazing, I can't wait to give them a try. :)

  7. I'll eat everyting with pears :p Must try this!

  8. Oh my, this is super healthy! Never thought of mixing those 2 together in a drink, though I love a spinach salad I make with pears ;)

  9. I made this and it was pretty good! My college aged sons drank it all. Make sure the almond milk if ice cold and the banana is frozen. It's not as good if it's not really cold! It's hard to believe that the kale and spinach are hard to taste:)

  10. @ Kia- I am so glad you and your sons liked the drink! You are so right. The almond milk does need to be cold. I just updated add that to the post! Thanks!

  11. We're on the same page Tiffany! I love kale and pears...I must try this recipe :)

  12. Talk about health in a cup....I loves.

  13. I've never tried kale in a smoothie - spinach is usually my go to green. Can you taste it?

  14. kale and spinach? I can't even imagine! We have smoothies maybe 3 times a week for after school snacks...I will try those greens and let you know!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  15. I'm really interested in trying this recipe, but I wonder, think it would taste as good with coconut milk?

  16. These are basically blenders that are capable of producing much finer and much smoother drink texture. This is because, compared to regular blenders, smoothie makers are equipped with high-powered motors.


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