I wholeheartedly admit that before I started blogging, I was into completely clean, refined spaces. That means I liked spaces with clean lines, color coordinated accessories and fresh, new furnishings that all matched, were the same color or stain and were all made out of the exact same material. How boring is that??? Even though my childhood bedroom was full of antique furniture, my style had sort of evolved in my teens and 20's and I just liked everything new or new-looking. But the more I have learned about design, the more I have appreciated spaces with marriages of old and new pieces. These spaces are perfect examples. The distressed pieces make a beautiful statement against the cleaner surroundings. They stand out in a way that makes one want to know the story about it- how it was made, where it's from, etc. I just love that...

Styling by Heather Bullard, Images by Victoria Pearson

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  1. There's something incredibly special about old and new design and in other aspects of life too. :)

  2. Beautiful. I am especially in love with the last picture and the blue!

  3. This is absolutely my style...Love every little detail! (Especially in the first photo!)

  4. Love the look the juxtaposition of the rustic old and crisp new is wonderful!

  5. Love love love. I know you get swayed many ways while looking at beautiful spaces on the internet. Pinterest is my weakness.


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