Hi there! Was the weekend good to ya?? I hope so. My weekend was pretty good! This weekend I...

+ Skipped Sunday brunch to enjoy the extra hour of sleep, cuddle time with Max (I actually took that pic of him a few weeks ago) and some morning reading. I also thanked God yesterday before my nap that it was an hour earlier instead of an hour later. The little things...

+ Enjoyed the look of fall pretty much everywhere I went this weekend. All of the trees have turned here and it is really beautiful...

+ Learned how to apply makeup. Except for lipstick, I don't wear makeup on a daily basis (and never have), but am at the point where I need a little pep for special occasions and photos. My favorite purchase was that Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge (in Calypso Coral). It's a blush and a lipstick - love that. It's definitely not as bright on as it looks either. Now once I get the whole eye liner thing down, I'll be good. :)

+ Got my first professional fitting for a bra. Ladies - if you haven't been professionally fitted for a bra, then I highly recommend you put it on your to-do list. A fitting at Victoria's Secret doesn't count... I have totally been wearing the wrong size bra! I can definitely tell the difference in the correct size!

+ Kicked myself for trying these on during my errand outing on Saturday. Of course they fit perfectly and looked great. Of course they were extremely comfortable. Of course they were expensive. Of course I walked out the store empty-handed. Uggh. Maybe Santa is reading this??

+ Made an amazing 15 minute meal for dinner last night. I made this (the sauce is SO good!) with quinoa and a salad. Good stuff...

+ Prepared tomorrow's giveaway! If you love the holidays like I do, then you will love this giveway!

Happy Monday!

Images by me
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  1. Your weekend sounded lovely and I totally agree about the professional fitting. My mind was blown how I have been wearing the wrong size for years. I took your advice and ventured to the farmers market to practice photography. I have to admit I am still shooting in automatic mode but it was fun getting out of my shell and talking to new, interesting people. I learned a ton about farming and the food they grew.

  2. You always post the most wonderful photos.

  3. Beautiful photos. And agree...every woman should have a professional fitting done!

  4. I have said it before--and I will say it again...Your cat's eyes are crazy beautiful!! And I totally agree about the bra fitting. Can I just say, Intimacy changed my life? lol. I LOVE their bras!

  5. Hahaha last year I bought 3 bras and a week after I go into Victorias Secret and I get measured, and guess what? wearing the wrong size too!! So I wasted my money on the other ones!!! Feels so good to be wearing the right bra doesn't it? Makes a huge difference!

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