So I'm still in the process of parting with toxic beauty products - specifically the products that I use every day. I'm so close to being done! I've switched out my soap, most of my facial products, and my body moisturizer (mainly coconut oil mixed with an all-natural lotion). I even found a good natural nail polish... Next up: perfume.

Perfume is something that I wear every day. I honestly don't feel complete without putting it on before walking out the door. It's something about smelling extra fresh that makes me feel like I'm ready for the day. A few months ago, I was watching Kristen Bell's interview with Giuliana Rancic during the Emmy Awards. Giuliana kept talking about how good she smelled. Kristen said she was wearing Amber oil that she picked up from Whole Foods for $10! So naturally I picked it up on my next trip and grabbed the last bottle they had. They said they had been selling out since that interview... Crazy. 

I have to say... I LOVE it. It's a woodsy, yet fresh and sweet scent all in one, which makes it a great scent for fall. I just roll a little on my wrist and on my chest and I can still smell it at the end of the day. Since it's an oil, it mixes with the pheromones and heat of your body and creates a slightly different scent than the one right out of the bottle - but it still smells amazing. If you aren't close to a Whole Foods, then you can find it here on Amazon. 

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  1. Nice, not familiar with amber oil, I most certainly like the priceπŸ˜‰ The purge continues of toxic personal care products. They really robbed so many people of their health. Recent revelations from mega company Johnson and Johnson about the cancer and talc powders connections they knew about...that's another topic, very passionate about. I too and getting all that stuff out. Have you heard about the website ewg.org You can put in the name of an ingredient and it will tell you if it's toxic or not, how high the toxicity rate is and kinds of wonderful info. A great place to start IMO is ewg.org/skindeep/ smooches Tiffany πŸ˜˜πŸ–’

  2. Thanks for sharing Tiffany. I'll have to look for it. I started using Beauty Counters facial products and love them!! Perfect for my sensitive skin.

  3. I have recorded 20 Perfumes in this rundown, here is the rundown of perfumes that I have attempted.. cologne for men

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