If this is the most boring Christmas Day outfit you've ever seen, let me explain. Christmas Day at our house is extremely laid back. No table settings (even though I love them), no assigned seating, and no dress code. Wearing Christmas colors isn't required. We are just chill. I'm often running around assisting my mom with our late lunch - which is really our early dinner. So I dress similar to what you see above. I like to keep it classy, yet comfortable. And by comfortable I mean that I want to feel the way I felt in the pajamas I wore before having to change. Clothing that allow my stomach and waist to stretch is important. A roomy tote for any gift deliveries after lunch is good. And a cozy blanket for that necessary Christmas Day nap is a must. :)

P.S. I have those eyeglasses and I L-O-V-E them... They have a matte finish, so they are very soft and light and don't stick to my nose like plastic frames do. Love that.

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  1. Love everything about this. The perfect day of Christmas outfit!

  2. That cashmere sweater, though. If only my bank account was infinite right now...

  3. Yes! I so get the laid back Christmas...exactly as it is at our house! Perfect outfit!

  4. I can totally see you in this outfit, and I love that is very comfy and chic :)

  5. Oh how glamorous and comfy at the same time! Love love love.


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