{Two dozen still gorgeous week-old roses from someone other than myself or family for reasons other than my birthday or Valentine's Day. The first few weeks of 2015 have been quite amazing I must say... }

Happy Monday! How was the weekend? My weekend was the perfect mix of laziness and so much fun. I went to see American Sniper- maybe with the person who gave me those roses you see there- or maybe not. :) I'm typically not into war-type movies, but Bradley Cooper did an amazing job and made the movie so good and heartwarming. I highly recommend it! Other than seeing that, I was out having fun or being comfortably lazy this weekend, so not much blogging got done. But I will do my best to make up for it later in the week! :)

{A little $25 rollerball of Tory Burch's amazing smelling perfume that I found in the checkout line at Sephora. $25!! I loved the packaging just as much as the perfume... Oh and I've been wearing that cuff bracelet you see there pretty much every day. So simple and it goes with everything... }

{A caffeine-laced eye cream I'm using to combat the dark circles that are really working their way into my life right now. No good! I'll keep you posted on the results!}

Images by me
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