Are you as excited as I am about today??!!! I'm about to head to the kitchen to help my mom and finish off my macaroni and cheese (I'm using this recipe this year- minus the tomatoes... ). But before I head to the kitchen, I thought I would take a minute to make a list of things here that I'm thankful for. This year has been a big year of change with some ups and downs in between. Yet - I still have so much to be thankful for...

1. Costco: I finally got a membership this year (so late to the game I know) and it has completely changed my life - and maybe decreased my bank account a bit. But it's been so worth it!

2. My brother: We fought like cats and dogs every single day when we were kids and now he's literally my rock. He's so smart and is the best listener I know. I just adore him.

3. Prayer. I pray in the car. In the shower. At work at my desk. While I wait in a line. While I'm in traffic. Before bed. When I wake up. He listens and answers me.

4. Christmas. My tree has been up for 2 weeks already, so you know I'm thankful for that! :)

5. Wine. Red wine specifically. I recently discovered that a glass of most red wines won't trigger my migraines (Praise the LORD!). Any long stressful day is now made better. :)

6. Maxwell St. James. I think Max will always make these lists. The older he gets, the more he requires long cuddle sessions and lap naps. I couldn't love him more...

7. Dishwashers- especially during this time of the year.

8. Google. Even though it's made me think I was dying of the plague, it get's me where I need to go in a jiffy, has helped me become a better writer, and has saved me HOURS of time.

9. My health. Gosh it has been less than stellar this year for whatever reason, but I'm here. I'm alive and I know thousands of people have been and are going through much worse.

10. My FABULOUS friends, my family, slow cookers, my job, wine (oh did I already say that??), Adele, cozy pj's, almond milk, chocolate, cookbooks, slow Sunday afternoons, and YOU!.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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