Babies, Brownies & Bridesmaids

Hi there! How was your weekend? Mines was great! I went to Pilates,  had a 2 hour lunch on a patio with a good friend, errands, worked, etc, etc... Here are a few highlights...

I got one of the two diaper cakes completed...

I so enjoy making these cakes for baby showers. This one is going to be shipped to Florida. I have never shipped any of my cakes before, so I am praying that it makes it there in one piece!

After I finished the cake, I made some good ol' Duncan Hines fudge brownies. Simple and quick. I ate a few of the corners (I love the crunchy corners) and did some food styling...

I started dabbling with food styling shortly after I finished my photography class. I never thought I would put time into making sure that a scoop of ice cream was perfectly round or that the edges of a brownie were almost straight. Call me crazy, but I find all of that to be quite therapeutic...

I snuggled on the couch Saturday night and watched Bridesmaids. That is the funniest movie I have seen in a LONG time! I was literally rolling on the couch laughing. I am so thankful for the power of laughter and downtime. I needed it. 

How was your weekend?

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  1. The diaper cake is adorable! I love those!! Perfect for a baby shower. Those brownies look so yummy. Great photos mouth was watering.

  2. You are so talented! The diaper cake is beautiful! Also, I need that brownie in my life! Yum-O!!

  3. It sounds like a great weekend! Your diaper cake is gorgeous, it is too pretty to touch and your browning are making my mouth water.

  4. ok that diaper cake is stunning! And those brownies? making me crave some right now! ;)

  5. Thank you for being so SWEET!! I just had to step back from blogging for a bit!! Your pics are out of this world....AMAZING!

  6. I love the crunchy edges too!

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