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Just a few images from Lonny that make me relax just by looking at them. Do they make you feel the same way? "Relax" is definitely my theme for this weekend. This week my world has been full of annoying car repairs, a few migraines, uncomfortable decision making, lists of pros and cons and lots of uncertainty. No fun. But this week I talked to my college roommate for the first time in forever, I had one of the best burgers of my life from here and got to bed before 10 every night this week - small moments that were even more special because of the crazy moments. So I just have to be thankful for the good and the bad ya know?

I hope you enjoy your weekend and a few of these links! I will see ya next week!

Your mouth might water if you click here...

And here...

The cutest little festive kitchen...

How to make your Mac run a little faster. Have any of you tried this?

She stood in line at the pharmacy, then landed her dream job. Such an inspiring story...

The ultimate gift guide...

So true...

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The Perfect Gifts: For Her

Just a few gifts that I think would be perfect for the ladies in your life. My goal for this guide was to have a variety of the lovely things- things for the office, bath, kitchen, photographer, foodie, techy, fashionista, etc. I love them all, but I would have to say my favorites are the clutch and the cookbook. And I may or may not have purchased the cookbook last weekend... :) Most cookbooks by Food Network cooks have recipes that I have previously seen them make on their show. This particular cookbook has a lot of new and simple recipes that I haven't seen Ina make before, which I love.

See anything you or someone you know would like to have?

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You're Invited: The Boys' Club

In my quest to find a holiday cocktail to make and photograph, I ran across this new "club" called The Boys' Club. It's an amazing, no AMAZING group of people who have a passion for great story telling and fabulous cocktails. If you love a good story, creative and pretty drinks, and beautiful photography, you must check out their new blog. Here are some examples of their work. You might also get some fantastic ideas for your holiday cocktail...

If those don't make you thirsty, then I don't know what will! These lovely people also just opened a new online store, The Sweet Tooth, where they sell vintage food props, kitchen apparel and prints of up and coming food photographers. Be sure to check it out!

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Weekend Pics + Last Minute Soup

Hi there... I hope you had a great long weekend! I had a GREAT few days off. I had a wonderful time with my family and I think I am about 5 pounds heavier. It was well worth it though...

So my Thanksgiving pics (that you will see after the jump) might look a bit different from the pics you may see on other blogs. I love beautifully decorated Thanksgiving gatherings, but we don't get super fancy for Thanksgiving. No decorated table, no candles, nothing like that. The food is always served buffet style and everyone just grabs a seat around the kitchen table or around the island in the kitchen. Super simple. So I don't have photos of a pretty Thanksgiving table. Except for this photo, I didn't take any pics of the food once it was prepared. I was just ready to dig in! 

But I do have the recipe for that tasty soup that my mom put together in all of 5 minutes the day after Thanksgiving...

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So Happy & So Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving friends! As I write this post (that I did last night), my pound cake is in the oven and the fresh cheeses have been shredded for the mac and cheese (my two contributions). I'm on the couch in my pj's, my official outfit for the next few days excluding Thanksgiving dinner. Don't worry, I will take breaks to bathe and change into new pj's. :) I am happy. 

I'm also thankful. I'm thankful for so many things.

I'm thankful for my understanding family, my fabulous friends and my good health.

I'm thankful for exercise. It will help me after I get through the food coma I'm about to inflict on myself.

I'm thankful for food photography. I asked God to help me find a passion. He answered me. 

I'm thankful for my passion for blogging. God answered me twice. 

I'm thankful for the song "Call Me Maybe." It makes me dance every time I hear it. Don't judge. :)

I'm thankful for Standing in long lines on Black Friday interrupts my pj party. 

I'm thankful for you. I'm thankful that you visit me when you can. I'm thankful that you support my blog. I'm thankful for all of the comments, tweets and e-mails that I receive from you. I read them all and smile every time. Those smiles have helped me get through some long, hard days. Thank you so very much. 

I hope you have the most wonderful, wonderful day. I will see you back here on Monday!


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Glazed Pumpkin Cookies

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like a holiday table isn't complete without something with orange, whether it's sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie or butternut squash or all of the above. In my quest to find something orange, yet something I had never made before, I ran across these absolutely amazing tasting pumpkin cookies. I would rank them pretty close to my favorite chocolate chip cookie, which says a lot. A whole lot...

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Weekend In Five Pics

My favorite place in my house at the moment | New Pottery Barn chandelier | My favorite ornament | Max's lack of enthusiasm while I was putting the Christmas decorations up | Fresh pomegranates

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend! Even though it was perfectly beautiful outside, I spent most of my time inside. I enjoyed every second of it, too. I put most of my Christmas decorations up, got my new chandy installed and finished a book that only took me 100 years to finish. I also drank lots of water and ate lots of fruits and vegetables. Doing that somehow makes me feel better about the fact that I will be eating my weight in food in a few days...

Wait. I take that back. I cheated a little when I tasted the outcome of the dessert I made for tomorrow's post. I had to make sure it was good. And It. Was. Good. :) So be sure to stop by!

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Perfectly Pink + Links

I apologize if you have already seen this fabulous chic space designed by Tobi Farley 20 times already. I adore it, so I am showing it again! Isn't that the most pretty workspace?? It's personable and it's bright-  two things that really help with inspiration and creativity! Love.

So what's up for the weekend?? Well, my Christmas decorations are going UP! I know its a little early, but I absolutely love the holidays, so firing up some Christmas music, having the decor all scattered about the room and making a hot cup of cocoa just feels right- plus I have the time to do it. I'm also hoping to finally get this chandelier installed in my dining area. I'm crossing my fingers that I like it! So lots to do at home this weekend, which is one of my favorite places to be. Here are some links for to you view during what I hope is a great weekend for you!

Baby meets cake for the first time. So cute.

Anna always puts together the most amazing gift guide featuring great bloggers, products and small businesses. Be sure to check out her 2012 gift guide...

I'll definitely be flipping through this magazine over the weekend to get some ideas for holiday decor and sweets...

I love, love, love this beautiful wedding video. They both looked so happy...

I think this girl has her Thanksgiving meal prep plan down to a tee...

Love the new layout of my Instagram website!

The beautiful home of my dear friend Marianne of Marianne Simon Design is featured in the current issue of HGTV magazine. Love her post on what it's really like to be featured in a magazine...

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Kitchen Envy...

Just when I think there can't be another kitchen more beautiful than the last beautiful kitchen I saw, I stumble across another beautiful kitchen. This one had me at the blue Waterworks subway tile. The trio of Visual Comfort pendants probably had something to do with it, too.

Love it. 

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Easy Perfect Lemon Chicken

Up until last weekend, I had only made baked chicken two - maybe three times. I just don't bake that much chicken or any meat for that matter. I think I find it to be a little intimidating. I always worry that it's not seasoned enough or that it will cook too fast among other things. Uggh. So I'm quick to buy a rotisserie chicken any day because it's almost always good and doesn't freak me out. But this weekend, I found an easy baked chicken recipe that I will be baking until I can bake no more...

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Happy Days...

This weekend I experienced some very happy days. Let me explain...

This weekend I celebrated by 33rd birthday (which was Saturday). My weeks and weekends have been busy lately, so I kept things simple and happy. I celebrated by...

 - going to see Chris Tucker perform stand-up. I laughed so hard until I cried several times. You know how much I love laughing really, really hard...

 - shopping for food styling props at antique stores. I am so, so, so in love with food photography and styling right now! 

 - eating an insanely good strawberry cupcake at this bakery. 

 - putting my pj's on at 5PM on Saturday evening and lounging in bed while talking on the phone with friends I haven't talked to in forever, reading a HUGE stack of magazines and the new issue of Lonny until bedtime. No big birthday dinner and no parties. I cancelled all the plans I had that evening for some blissful downtime. Loved it.

The only time I turned my camera on during the weekend was to photograph an AMAZING recipe that I will share with you tomorrow. That's why you are seeing photos that I took during my visit last weekend to the Charleston Farmers Market. Doesn't that fresh pasta in the first pic look amazing?? Gosh I loved that place...

I hope your weekend was just as good!

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Cozy Up

The cold air has been constant here, so lately I have been drawn to things that are cozy in color and/or texture. Gosh I'd give anything be curled up on my couch right now in that plaid blanket with cup of tea from that teapot... Wouldn't you?? :)

P.S. Thank you so much for your comments on my food photos! 
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My Food Photos {Charleston Workshop}

Thanks for your comments yesterday on my photos! I'm still sort of on this high from learning all of these new things about something I enjoy. If you haven't taken some time out for yourself lately to do something you enjoy, you should if time permits. It feels fabulous...

 These are a few of the photos I took for our assignments. We had to shoot a lunch, brunch, antipasto platter and a dessert, all of which we got to eat after each shoot. We also had to style our own shoots, which for me was just as much fun as taking the photos. Helene had an entire sea of modern and vintage props for us to use, so styling was fun, yet challenging at the same time. Unless I go prop shopping in the near future, my personal shoots might not look nearly as fun. But I am going to work on it!

I will share some food photography tips with you in a future post, which will hopefully be a near future post. I just need a little more time to work on it. 

P.S. Isn't that the most perfect poached egg you have ever seen? Helene made it as well as that caramel sauce for the pie. Both were heavenly I tell ya...

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Weekend In Charleston, SC


My "hotel" and location of the workshop | An amazing salad we had for lunch one day | Local organic corn at the Charleston Farmers Market | Homemade caramel | A gorgeous Charleston home | Heaven on earth (the beach)

Well I am one very happy girl right now. I had the BEST time this weekend at my food photography workshop. Even though we worked really hard, it was honestly like a vacation. Charleston, South Carolina is absolutely gorgeous and I think I love and appreciate photography 100 times more than I did before the workshop. There is something to be said about doing what you love for four days in a row in a beautiful environment with lovely people who share the exact same interests as you. Helene and Clare (my instructors) were amazing and the food we ate and photographed was so fresh and freshly prepared. Laura is a darn good chef. Everything was held in that gorgeous beach house, a place that I could pretty much never leave for the rest of my life. Of course I'm being sarcastic, but I'm pretty sure I remain there for a pretty long period of time. 

More of my food photos from the workshop tomorrow...

Images by me
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