French Country Charm + Links

If you read House Beautiful, then this French country kitchen may be old news to you. It is the kitchen of a Savannah, GA home that was published earlier this year. I adore the lighting, the rustic table in the center, the slipcovered chair, the warm tones, the industrial stool-- I pretty much love it all. Do you?

So how was your week? My week was busy, but good. My leaky roof and my dishwasher are fixed (thank God). The painters are done and the paint looks exactly like I imagined it would look. Love it. I also have a new 9-inch deep sink in my kitchen and the most gorgeous faucet to go with it. I have never owned a sink that was more than 6 1/2 inches deep, so I'm smiling- really big. Now my house needs to be deep cleaned and re-organized. Anyone want to help me? I'll be sure to show you pictures once everything is cleaned and a little updated. 

Anyway, here are a few links I found and loved this week:

 These adorable little girls make me laugh so hard every time I see them.

The photos on this blog are nothing short of amazing...

I adore the new owner of this gorgeous home. I think it will suit her well.

Now THIS is what a girls dinner should look like!

I wish this girl could help me organize this weekend. I think I spent over an hour on her blog yesterday...

Cream cheese + a strawberry smoothie = a strawberry cheesecake smoothie.

Have a great weekend my friends and stay cool!

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Lust List #6

CB2 Victory Pendant Lamp | Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top Sneakers | Zara Basic Handbag | Public Leather Bicycle Wine Carrier | Cherner Metal Leg Stool | Society 6 Herm├ęs canvas print | Chance Zip Top Cases

I'm loving this lust list people... I'm really liking the Chucks. I'm not a huge fan of colorful shoes- except when it comes to Chucks. I had them in almost every color when I was younger and I still love them. This is actually the second time that Zara bag has made an appearance on my blog. I guess that means I should get it this time... And thanks to Gaby for introducing me to Katie Rodgers's prints. She has great iPhone cases, too. Check them out...

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Wise Words...


A little diversion from the usual topics today to bring you some wise words... These are all easier said than done, but thought provoking for those who might be fretting about the past, afraid of taking that next big step or feeling a bit down. If that's you, I hope these make you feel a little better...

Images via
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Hot Days, Cold Treats

I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it is H-O-T in my neck of the woods. It's hot, it's sticky and I start sweating in a matter of minutes if I am outside. It's the kind of hot where turning on the oven is completely unfathomable. It's the kind of hot that makes me crave anything cool yet sweet and maybe even a bit messy. To me, that is the epitome is summer. Here are a few of my delicious-looking sweet treats from some of my favorite food bloggers. They are super easy to make and no oven is required. Try not to drool all over your keyboard... :)

No Bake Nutella Cheesecakes via My Baking Addiction

All of these look so good, but if I had to choose one, it would probably be the honey- almond ice cream. It looks amazing and it doesn't require an ice cream maker  Love that. Do you have a fave?

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Weekend In Six Pics

Hi there! I hope you all had a good weekend. Other than probably giving myself an ulcer or two over choosing a paint color for my house, my weekend was good! I finally chose a color and am hoping it turns out well. I also came to the realization that I'm never painting my house again. Ever...

Other than the paint, I have smiled about several things over the last few days. They were all so simple, yet so satisfying. I love to smile about things like that...

And yes, I'm still thinking about those fried oreos... They were at Social Vinings in Atlanta. If you are ever in the neighborhood, do yourself a huge favor and stop by. Amazing I tell ya...

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Well, its been a crazy week. I'm still working on picking a paint color for my walls (I think I'm up to six samples), my dishwasher quit on me ( I HATE washing dishes), I think my roof is leaking and my Dad came for a quick visit- the best part of my week.

So, I didn't spend too much time surfing the net this week, but I wanted to share this kitchen with you. The lovely Camille shared a link to this kitchen on her blog last weekend. "Unbelievable" was the first word that came to my mind when I saw it. The colors and the details are quite gorgeous and I was definitely intrigued by the layout. I love how the pantry separates the galley style kitchen from that lovely dining area. The stove is amazing and I LOVE those extremely well organized drawers! Organization like that makes my heart sing- very loudly. 

If only I could spend the weekend in that kitchen - where I'm sure the high-end dishwasher works like a charm... :)

I hope you enjoy the first weekend of summer!


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Lust List #5

So, I'm feeling all things that are simple, neutral and solid in color this week. Erin introduced me to French Connection's new home collection, and it is full of tons of neutral and beautiful decor. Hence, two of their items made the lust list this week. You must check out their site... I saw that tote on Anna's blog and I W-A-N-T it. It comes in lots of different colors + the handles are adjustable. Love that...

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Before & After: My Bedroom

So, I've got a little makeover for you today! I'm really excited about this one. A few weeks ago, I did a little makeover in my bedroom during a visit at my parents house. The truth is that my bedroom at their house would be my favorite room in the world regardless what the room looked like. There is just nothing like the comfort of my childhood bedroom. But I wanted to update it a bit and make it a little brighter- and my mom gave me the green light to do so. The goal was to create a calm and relaxing little retreat. The room also serves as the main guest room, so I had to keep that in mind as thought of my plans. 

Here is the before. Palm tree city...

And here is the after...

Do you like it?? It turned out exactly like what I had in mind. You know I love neutrals, so I used white and beige with just a touch of black to create the calming look. The table lamp, duvet, quilt, and pillow shams are from Pottery Barn. I accessorized with things I found from TJMAXX, Marshalls, and around the house. I actually stuffed the duvet with the old palm tree comforter and the Euro pillow cases with $9 Euro-sized throw pillows from TJMaxx- two really easy ways to save a few dollars. I still need to decorate the other areas of the room and add photos to the picture frames above the bed, but the bedding and a few accessories were a good start! 

Images by me

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Grapefruit Goddess

So I developed this "thing" for grapefruit last weekend. I have no idea what it was, but I guess I just really wanted something sweet and tart and refreshing all in one. Grapefruit fit the bill I guess, so I bought five of them and ate two in a matter of hours...

In addition to downing two grapefruits, I was in the super stressful process of picking out a paint color for the interior walls of my house and I needed a cocktail. Badly. I only had rum in the house and didn't want to go to the store because it was just one of those days where I just wanted to be in my pj's the whole afternoon. I love those kind of afternoons. So here is what I came up with...

Grapefruit Goddess

3 oz of fresh grapefruit juice
2 oz (or more) of white rum
a few sprigs of mint + a few more for garnish
Simple syrup, to taste *
Handful of ice

Dip the rims of your glass in to the grapefruit juice and then into sugar. Set the glass aside. Add the grapefruit juice and the mint to a shaker. Muddle the juice and the mint with the end of a wooden spoon. Add the rum, the simple syrup and the ice and shake for a few minutes. Pour into the sugar-rimmed glass, add a sprig of mint for garnish and enjoy!

This makes one or two drinks, depending on the size of the glass you use. 

* To make simple syrup, add one part sugar to one part water to a pot. Stir and bring to a boil. Once it is up to a boil, turn the heat off and allow the syrup to cool.

Linked with Tasty Tuesdays

Images by me

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Weekend In Four Pics

Hi there friends... How was your weekend? My weekend was busy and the sad part was that I spent most of the weekend at home! Sometimes I can be just as busy at home as I am at work. Can you relate? Anyway, here are a few thoughts and things that occurred over the last few days...

 - I heart shooting photos of water, so I took a stroll in the town square of my city to practice taking photos. Photos of dripping water in the summer are extra refreshing to me...

 - Good friends are the ones you can call at any time. Good friends are the ones that you just met but feel like you've known forever. Good friends are that ones that you know will be there whenever you need them. Good friends are the ones that surprise you with a Glassbaby candle. Thank you Marianne.  The story behind the Glassbaby candle is quite inspirational...

Something happened over the weekend and I became incredibly obsessed with grapefruits. I bought 5 of them, ate 2 of them and made a cocktail with the rest. I needed a cocktail. I will share it with ya tomorrow...

I got a pimple or two from stressing out over a paint color for my interior walls. Tough decision people! It's down to these four colors + a greige color I found on a color deck (picking up the sample today). Three of the colors look very similar but they are all very different on the walls. I hope to make a decision this week! I hope my pimples are gone by the end of the week, too... :)

How are you?

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My Kind Of Design...

That would be the entry of actress Amanda Peet's lovely home. I think it's outstanding. The furnishings and the accessories make a big statement in the seemingly simple space. That is my kind of design...

So what's up for the weekend? I've got a list of stuff to do (you know me and my lists). At the top of the list is testing paint colors. I finally hired a painter to paint the entire interior of my home. I have been planning to do that for quite some time, but kept putting it off. The current color is Whole Wheat by Sherwin Williams and it's time to move on! So along with testing colors, I will do a bit of Pilates, have lunch with friends and organize some things in preparation for the paint job. I also have a fun photo shoot planned on Sunday that I can't wait to tell you about! I'll see you on Monday, but in the meantime, check out some great links I found during the week!

She is an amazing photographer, has great style and loves food. My kind of girl... Get to know her and her cute daughter via this creative video. Then you might want to follow her on Instragram...

 Heavenly looking chocolate ice cream that doesn't require an ice cream maker. You know how I feel about chocolate...

For the dog lovers: This story is well-written, sad and heartwarming all in one.

This post will make you laugh + it might answer some questions you might have. I have no idea what questions you have, so I'm just guessing that you might have some like these. :)

I just downloaded this book. I hope to learn a few things on the subject.

Making myself a note like this is on my list of things to do. Incredibly profound I think...

**Happy Father's Day to all of the wonderful Dad's out there! I love you Dad!**

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Lust List #4

Well, this is my 4th lust list and I think this one is my favorite one so far.

I am ordering Darryl's book after I press the "Publish" button. His designs are pretty much perfect, so buying it is pretty much a perfect decision in my book...

Price wise, I was doing really good (i.e. everything was under $50) until I saw that Philip Lim bag. Then I saw that swimsuit. I have no idea if it would be flattering on me, but I love it and the color. Anyway, those two things pretty much ruined it for everyone. Sorry - I couldn't help myself. Aren't they pretty, though?

Oh and isn't that tea mug genius?

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Inspired By: Tracey Ayton Photography

Every now and then, I run across a photo that completely pulls me in. It's a photo that is so good that I feel like I can almost reach in it and grab whatever is there. That is how I felt when I saw the very first photo of Erica's living and dining room. I was smitten with both the design and the photography. That is when I discovered Tracey of Tracey Ayton Photography. She is delightful as a person and incredibly talented. Her photography is crisp, clean, clear and tells a bit of a story. To me, that is great photography. Would you agree?  

You can see more of her beautiful work on her portfolio and her blog

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