Great Blogs = New Toms

Several of my favorite bloggers have recently been talking about their love of Toms shoes. Marianne of Haven and Home recently talked about her first Toms purchase. Aren't they cute??!!

And Tamara of Get It Girl Style recently talked about her new relationship with her new comfy Toms...

I have heard of Toms, but admit that I have never really ventured out to their website to see what they offered. Well, I have been missing out! They have some cute stuff! All of the reviews say that they are really comfy! AND for each shoe purchased, Toms donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. That's the best part! So yesterday, I purchased these comfy beauties...

I LOVE wedges. Black may be boring to some, but I wear lots of it, so these would be perfect for those summer days when I am out shopping and running errands! If I fall in love with them (which I am sure I will), then I will probably purchase Marianne's wedges for some extra versatility.

I can't wait for them to arrive and am so glad that I was able to help a child in need!
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A Ladies Room

A trip to this ladies room would be quite nice. I'd pack a book, a bottle (not a glass) of wine, and my iPod. No iPhone allowed. It might disturb the little slice of heaven I will be experiencing during my long bath in that gorgeous bathtub...

 Just my 2 second escape from reality today! It's such a beautiful space, so I had to share...

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Just A Small Change...

Do you ever have bright ideas while you are in the shower? That might be a crazy question, but it happened to me last week. I had an idea to create a gallery wall going up my staircase. I realize the idea of a gallery wall is far from groundbreaking. But I had all of these unused frames from Target and HomeGoods stashed in a closet- just sitting there. I originally planned to do a gallery wall in my loft. Click here for my ancient loft idea. I have changed my mind about the gallery wall in the loft and now have other plans that I will fill you in on after busy season.

So here is what my staircase looked like before my epiphany in the shower. I apologize for the terrible dark photos. I need a new camera!! It's on my list!

After my epiphany, I ran right to the closet, grabbed the photos, and just started pushing pins in the wall and hanging the frames. No sketching and no planning- no time for that.

But I think it worked out. Here is what it looks like now...

I promise I will take some better photos later.

I need to work on the spacing, but I like the overall concept!

If you look closely, you might see that I have no photos in the frames--yet. I plan to scour the Etsy after busy season to see what I can find. Any Etsy recommendations?
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My Fab Weekend Find

I have made it a goal to be a little more daring this summer when it comes to my wardrobe, especially my accessories. I am usually a "carry the same purse all summer" type of girl. Just boring. Well, last weekend I made my first step towards achieving my goal by purchasing this really cute faux python tote...

for $19.99 from the one and only Target!

It looks a lot like this Michael Kors tote...

that I found on for $198.99!

I love a good deal...

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's post, Savor Home is now on Twitter. Click here if you would like to follow me!
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Me & Twitter

I hope all of you are enjoying the rest of your weekend!

Well I finally did it. I'm on Twitter! Well, my blog is. You might be thinking, "That girl is just now getting on Twitter??" Yep, this girl is just now getting on Twitter. Well, I created my account months ago and our relationship did not get off to a good start. I just found it to be so confusing! I now confess that I didn't give it a chance. I gave it another try a few weeks ago and I am officially HOOKED! It still took some time to figure out what the @ signs, # signs and the FF's meant, but I think I am hip to the game now! Giada de Laurentiis responded to one of my tweets last night, so how could I not be hooked??

So please, click here if you would like to...


   I hope to see you there!

Image here
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Friday Favorite: Cupcakes

Happy Friday! I apologize for this post being so late, but work is crazy. Which is why I could eat about 4 or 5 cupcakes right now. I have always loved them! I was the little girl who wanted cupcakes instead of a cake at my birthday parties. They are just cute, petite, and can be SO SO good. Perhaps I'll treat myself this weekend...

Image here.
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A Texas Duplex: Take 2

I typically don't like to repost something that I have already seen on another blog. But I was instantly smitten when I saw these images on Megan's blog, A Life's Design. A tour of this Austin, Texas duplex is currently featured on Martha Stewart's site.

It had me at the entry... I've never seen anything like this before. Have you?

The living room is quite warm. I'm loving the mixture of the warm tones. And I'm really loving those striped wingback chairs, complete with the nailhead trim...

The lighting in the dining room is gorgeous. Gray + Gold = Glorious...

And hello kitchen. The lighting: genious. Can you imagine what the space looks like at night when those lights are turned on??

I could have a meal or two at this table...

And "fresh" could not be illustrated any better here. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you might know that I love all things "fresh"...

I hope your Wednesday is off to a "fresh" start...
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Target vs. Nordstrom

I was in Target on Saturday morning just to buy ONE item and of course came out with about TEN items. Target can do that to ya. Anyway, I was amazed at the spring fashion I saw. Target has really stepped up their fashion game! In my opinion, they are giving the high-end stores a run for their money. You can buy the almost exact same item at Target that you can buy at some other high-end stores. As proof, lets play a little game. Below are pictures of two similar items. Guess which one is from Target vs. Nordstrom...







Ok so the last one might be a little more obvious, but the point is that you could find almost the exact same thing at Target for MUCH LESS!!

Below are the answers. Let me know how you did!

Happy Monday!


1. Image 1- Nordstrom: $167; Image 2- Target: $34.99
2. Image 1- Target: $29.99; Image 2- Nordstrom: $88.95
3. Image 1- Nordstrom: $188; Image 2- Target: 49.99
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Friday Favorite: Being True to You

Have a great weekend friends...

Image by Alex Miles Younger
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Just Giada...

I'm in love with Giada de Laurentiis- period. She is a chef, a mom, an author, and host of Giada at Home (I think I may have DVR'd almost every single one of her shows!). She is fashionable, her food is sinfully delicious, and she is insanely organized in the kitchen. At the end of every show, I immediately want to make her dishes and figure out where she got her cute outfit from. I'm loving those wedges she has on in the pic...

Her home also speaks volumes of her and her husband's style. It's modern and sleek with pops of color- much like the set of her show. These photos were published by Architectural Digest in 2008, so forgive me if you have already seen these.  

I'm LOVING these breathtaking views... 

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My Perfect Pretend Weekend

Hi friends! I hope you had a great weekend!

As I mentioned earlier, it is tax season and I have been and will be immersed in a sea of tax returns until April 18th. So I spent most of my weekend in the sea. But I did spend about an hour looking at the new issue of Lonny. Gosh that magazine never ceases to amaze me. Anyway, as I was flipping the electronic pages, I embarked on a thought process as to what my perfect weekend would be like...

My perfect weekend would start by waking up LATE (i.e. sleeping in) on a sunny Saturday morning in this beautiful bedroom...

Then I would go into this gorgeous kitchen where my natural food chef would greet me with a cup of hot green tea and a healthy breakfast. I could live in this kitchen. The red lighting is delightful...

After breakfast, me and my second cup of green tea would go to my little office space to check my e-mail and catch up on the blogs...

I would then retreat this comfy space to watch some TV and take a short nap. You may be thinking, "She just woke up!" I love to sleep. You also may be thinking, "When is she going to go to the grocery store, pick up the dry cleaning, get the car washed, go to the post office, etc.? Remember, its my perfect pretend weekend. There are no errands. And If there were errands, I'd have someone run them for me.

After a short nap, I would then go to my "dressing room" to find a great dress to wear to my formal dinner party that I am hosting that evening for my friends. I love getting dressed up. I would probably choose something like this Valentino frock that Jennifer Aniston recently wore...

I would then retreat to this beautiful bathroom for a long hot bath. I did a recent post on this bathroom. I just love its simplicity...

After getting all glammed up, I would make sure that my dining area has been properly prepared for the party. It might look something like this. I'm loving the chairs...

After a great dinner party full of great friends, food, and wine, I would revert back to my bedroom and start all over again. My hope would be to have the same day on Sunday, minus the dinner party, plus church and brunch with great friends. And DEFINTELY a good nap. 

Dreamy. Now back to reality. :)

Images 1/3/4/7: Lonny
Image 2: Traditional Home
Image 6: House Beautiful
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Hi friends! I hope all of you are having a great week. One more day until Friday...

It rained here the entire day yesterday and I just wanted to be in bed with some tea! I needed some inspiration, so I turned to House To Home UK for some good European colorful designs to brighten my day. I'm a neutral girl, but I'm loving the splashes of color in these spaces and the accessories. They sort of remind me of spring... Enjoy.... 

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An Update and A Giveaway

Gotta love Maxine...

Well, April 18th (the 2011 tax deadline) is a month and a few days away, which means I will be spending the next month and a few days buried in tax returns. Unfortunately, that leaves little time for blogging, but I will try my best to post when time allows.

Also, I just wanted to thank my friends, family, and the new bloggers I have met for supporting me and my blog. I have received so many great comments on and off the blog. You have all been such an inspiration and your support is sincerely appreciated!

In the meantime, please head over to one of my favorite blogs, A Perfect Gray. Donna is a fabulous blogger with great style. She is hosting her very first giveaway, which are these adorable and high-end rubber boots by Danish designer Ilse Jacobsen.

Here is how they look with an outfit. Super cute.

Paula of Two Ellie
They are handmade in Europe and retail for $179.00- so sign up!!

Your last chance to sign up is Monday, March 14th at midnight!

See you soon!
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Friday Favorite: The Ocean

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

 -Mother Teresa -

Have a great weekend...
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Center of Attention In the Kitchen

What's in the center of your kitchen? An island? Nothing? Or maybe a table? My kitchen is functionable, but small, so I don't have anything in the center of my kitchen. But I have dreams. My previous dream kitchen had a big island in the middle, with a small sink and enough spaces to fit at least 4 chairs- the number of people I want in my "dream family." But now I am really loving kitchens with dining tables in the middle. My family would literally be eating in the kitchen as opposed to the side of the kitchen or behind the kitchen. There is something very warm about that. Here is what I mean...

My only hesitatation about having a dining table in the middle of the kitchen is the potential lack of workspace. I would have to clear the table of food prep items before dinner and clear it again after dinner. What are your thoughts? Do any of you have a dining table in the middle of your kitchen?

Image 1/2/3,4,5
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