Tulips, Sharpies, Hermés & Links...

How fun is that image?? Of course I love tulips, coffee table books and dream of having a Hermés bracelet one day. But I have always had this weird fascination with Sharpies, so this image from Erica Domesek's office immediately caught my eye. I have them in every color in my office and I can't even promise you that I've used them all. Please tell me that I'm not alone...

So how will you be spending the first weekend of June?? I can't believe that June is already here! Anyway, this weekend I've got everything from Pilates to finishing up my powder room to relaxing to getting ready my house ready for the arrival of one of my besties next week. Fun stuff! I hope you have a great weekend and here are some links for you!

For someone who can never seem to keep her handbag organized, this was a huge help!

Heaven in a waffle cone...

A few fun ways to dress your tech...

I couldn't agree with this more...

workspace I wouldn't mind working in...

I wouldn't mind working in this one, either..

Before leaving the house for your summer vacation, you might want to follow these great tips...

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the organization, styling, white bowls and antiques. I heart antique kitchen things these days...

the lighting and the serenity in that lovely space...

that tote. You know I love totes. That would be perfect for a little summer weekend getaway.

that antique brass fixture and the glass pendant lighting. So pretty...

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A Summer Cocktail: Muddle Puddle Battle

So as I mentioned yesterday, I attempted to make a layered cake over the weekend. A layered chocolate cake that is. One of Ina Garten's chocolate cakes that is. I opened the oven door to see if they were done. They were not. About five minutes later, I go to check on them again only to see that they had fallen. I could almost hear my grandmother yelling, "I told you not to open that door!!" She was serious about her cakes.

But things happen for a reason. If it weren't for that disaster, I wouldn't have wanted a cocktail which means that I would have missed out on discovering the perfect summer drink. This drink is from Deb Perelman's cookbook, "The Smitten Kitchen." Do you have her cookbook yet? If not, get it. It's good. Really, really good. This fruity cocktail is in the very back of the book. It's really refreshing with a little twang of tequila and black pepper. Yep, black pepper. I was skeptical, but it compliments the tartness of the lime and the sweetness of the fruit. It's the perfect little summer drink... :)

Here is what you need and what to do:

Images by me
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Weekend In Six Pics...

My first peony purchase of the season- heavenly | Noah - the sweetest Golden Retriever that I met at the beach last weekend | Green onions at a North Carolina farmers market | My view from the middle of the ocean | The view from my beach house last weekend | Summer cherries...

Happy Tuesday! Gosh that sounds so much better than "Happy Monday" doesn't it? I heart 4-day weeks. I hope those of you in the U.S. had a great long weekend. This weekend I...

 + Ran errands, cleaned out my garage, scrubbed floors, ran more errands, blah blah on Friday and Saturday. Some of my pictures from my weekend at the beach last weekend looks so much better than those events right??

+ Attended a fun BBQ on Sunday, which means that most of Monday I did nothing but sit on my couch with that bowl of cherries, my remote and my Kindle. Perfect lazy day...

+ Attempted to make my first layered cake. Huge fail people. I opened the oven door during the process to check on the cakes. Five minutes later I looked through the oven window only to see two cakes with big craters in the middle. They fell. Lovely.

Note to self: Disturbing baking cake layers is like waking a sleeping baby. You just don't do it! 

After the cake disaster, I needed a cocktail. So I made one - a fresh, summery one that was so good that I totally forgot about the cake. I'll share it with you tomorrow...:)

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Pretty Amazing...

Hi there... How was your week? Well, I feel like I spent more time with my Neti Pot this week than finding good links for you online. I have some sinus/cold situation that is taking its slow time exiting my life. So I apologize for the lack of links! But isn't that space above designed by Jennifer Reynolds pretty amazing?? :) I could spend the entire weekend in that bed!

I won't be spending the entire weekend in bed, but I will take some time to relax, catch up on things around the house, hopefully bake my first layered cake (yikes) and attend a BBQ in honor of Memorial Day. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend and I will see you here next week! 

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Club Monoco Canfora Gail Sandal | Crate & Barrel Lander Sconce | Delano Fixed Gear Bike
| Pomegranate Black Poppy Tote | Lulu Frost Tassel Necklace  | Chloe Metallic Wedge Sandals | Uttermost Aero Glass Accent Table | Federalist Style Gold Convex Mirror | Carine Gilson Halterneck Bikini Top/Bottom | J. Crew Skinny Rope Belt

This happens often... I window shop online and save my faves in a folder on my desktop. When I review what I've saved, they fit a color scheme. That was the case here. I know bright, cheery colors are in at the moment, but for whatever reason I am loving browns, whites and golds right now. They are just pretty and sophisticated to me. That swimsuit is a bit of an exception here. I love that pattern and the colors and I couldn't help myself. 

P.S. I found a federal convex mirror similar to that one at an antique store last week for $19! I've only been looking for one for about 100 years. I plan to spray paint mine to look exactly like that $135 mirror. Patience is a virtue... :)

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7 Pounds Down + Veggie Burgers

Summer is right around the corner, so burgers are on my brain. This year, healthy burgers are on my brain. I haven't said as much, but I have lost about 7 pounds since January. It was completely unplanned. Each January, I always cut back after eating double my weight in fabulous food during the holidays. So I did that this year. Then in March, I purchased a Vitamix. I starting drinking a fresh organic spinach, berry and almond milk smoothie for breakfast every day (and still do). It fills me up and gives me so much energy! Starting my day off with something so healthy made me feel guilty about ruining it with something bad later in the day, so I made more of an effort to eat healthy all day. That's when the pounds came off.  I still have a day during the week where I eat absolutely whatever I want, but I have to say that I feel so much better! 

So with that, I've started to look for healthy recipes for the summer. I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, but I do love a good veggie burger. I often find that if the burger is perfectly seasoned, I totally don't miss the beef. These are a few that have made their way into my recipe folder. If you are looking for a healthier option for this upcoming Memorial Day, these might be some good options...

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Beach Weekend In Six Pics...

Hi friends... I hope your weekend was beautiful. That's about how I would describe my weekend. I spent it at my favorite place on earth- the beach. Atlantic Beach to be exact. I stayed in that GORGEOUS cottage on the beach that's owned my one of my closest friends. I ate amazingly fresh produce from old-school farm stands that don't take credit cards. You know their food was good! I fell asleep with the sound of the ocean in the background every night, took naps, read books and enjoyed relaxing boat rides in the ocean and very long walks on the beach. I needed the downtime and I'm so thankful for it. Despite a little cold, I feel wonderfully refreshed. 

I only took 1,000 pictures to document my idea of paradise (you know me), so I will be sure to share more with you later. 

Happy Monday...

Images by me

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Enjoying The Moment + Links

Hi there!! I hope the week treated you well. I've been waiting for this day to get here all week! Today I'm off to the beach to do exactly what that quote says. I'm going to unplug, enjoy, read, nap, eat super fresh seafood and not worry about the 1,000 things I need to do. It will all be here when I get back and I will be refreshed enough to tackle them. I love that feeling. Whatever your plans are, I hope you enjoy your weekend as well! Here are some good links for you!

You guys are precious. Thank you so much for your comments on yesterday's post. You made a girl feel good!

I'm a news junkie, so I read this every morning in addition to watching the news on TV. It usually gives me my first laugh of the day, too...

I am "honestly" in love with this new site...

Just when I think there can't be another good chocolate chip cookie recipe...

Raise your hand if you can relate to this post. It struck me like lightening...


An easy way to come up with original ideas. Loved this.

Perfect kitchen staples and the MOST perfect pantry...

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Jeans: J.Crew | Necklace: J.Crew | Cashmere Top: Isaac Mizrahi for Target | White Button Down Top: Banana Republic | Sandals: Zara | Watch: Michael Kors | Nails: Essie High Maintenance & Tiny Wine-ey | Lips: NARS "Fire Down Below"

Well, it's almost been a year since my last "In My Closet" post and I'm finally back with another one! If you recall, I was super nervous the last time and well, that didn't change this time. I was still nervous, but I have to say that it was a little more fun this time. This outfit is one of my favorite classic looks that highlights a few of my favorite things at the moment. I LOVE those distressed jeans. They are super comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. I've applied that same concept to the necklace, which currently has a front row spot on my necklace organizer. I have worn it with regular cotton tees and dressy tops and it looks perfect both ways. 

And I may or may not plan the majority of my outfits around that lipstick. With the exception of lipstick, I never wear makeup. But this time, my friend Camillya at Nordstrom glammed me up (which was SO fun) and introduced me to that lipstick. Not only do I love the color, but I love the quality! It stays on all day and it doesn't dry my lips out at all! I'm a lip balm freak, so any lipstick that doesn't require layers of lip balm is a winner in my book! 

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5 Ingredient Lemon Pie

Does that look good or what??!! This recipe is super special to me for several reasons. My mom gave me the recipe. My mom makes it for me just about every time I come home. It only has five ingredients. It only takes five minutes to make - if that. Most importantly, it is DARN good! I ate a piece of it over the weekend- well actually two pieces that varied in size. Large sizes, that is... :)

My mom received this recipe from one of her good friends years ago and it has turned into a family recipe that I plan to pass down. It's sweet, tart, cool and creamy with the most delicious lemon flavor. I'm usually a stickler for all things fresh, but Cool Whip and Real Lemon Juice are my faves when it comes to this recipe. The next time you want to impress a last minute dinner guest or make a really good dessert for a warm summer day - this would be perfect. 

Here is what you need and what to do:

2 store bought graham cracker pie crust shells
16 oz Extra Creamy Cool Whip (thaw in refrigerator first if frozen)
1 can Eagle Brand evaporated milk
1/2 cup Real Lemon Juice (click on link for product)
Fruit for garnish (optional)

Add the Cool Whip to a large bowl. Stir in the Eagle Brand milk until fully incorporated. Stir in the Real Lemon Juice until fully incorporated. Divide the mixture evenly amongst the two graham cracker crusts. Smooth the top with a spatula.

Garnish the pie with your favorite fruit. Peaches and strawberries are my personal favorites! Cover the pie with the lid that comes with the crust. Chill the pie in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours before serving.

This makes two pies. Thankfully, they freeze well! So if you only need one pie, cover the other and place it in the freezer before adding the fresh fruit. Defrost it in the refrigerator when you are ready to serve it.

Super simple. Super good!

Images by me
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Weekend In Pics + An Easy Recipe

{Yellow tulips that I have purchased for my nightstand two weeks in a row. That color makes me smile.}

{Fresh corn that was a side for our Mothers Day dinner. Makes me so excited for summer!}

{My new, super comfy and reasonably priced gladiators that I found here.}

{Miles - my mom's super sweet 23 lb. cat who slept on my sneakers all weekend.}

{The perfect quick pasta after a road trip.}

Hi!! I hope you had a great weekend. I especially hope all of the moms out there had a great Mother's Day. My weekend was one of those weekends that went by entirely too fast. I went to visit my parents in Alabama. We had a southern fish fry on Saturday complete with that corn that I swear is the freshest corn I've ever had- and summer isn't even here yet! Mom and I spent quality time shopping for summer flowers, chatting and watching Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (her favorite show) - small moments that I wish I could freeze in time. I also made green juice for her in her new Vitamix. She requested both after she saw my post last week and she loved it all. 

I came home yesterday exhausted and made that quick pasta from Emily's book for dinner. It was SO good and so fresh. All you do is dice three fresh tomatoes, slice about 1/2 cup of fresh basil, slice 1 tablespoon of fresh mint and chop 1 clove of garlic. Add all of that to a bowl along with a 1/2 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1/2 teaspoon of kosher salt and some freshly ground black pepper. Cover and let it marinate while you cook the pasta. Cook 1/2 pound of angel hair pasta. Add the cooked pasta to a serving bowl and pour the tomato mixture over it. Top with freshly grated parmesan cheese. That was pasta for two, but you could double it if you have more people!

I've got another super easy, yet REALLY good dessert to share with you tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!

Images by me
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Mother's Day + Links...

Hi!! I hope you had a wonderful week. I have been counting down the days to today since Monday. I'm going to see my parents today for the first time since Christmas and I am SO excited! I can't wait to hug them. We are going to have a big Mother's Day celebration tomorrow complete with lots of food and family and I am so looking forward to it. I'm not a mom yet, but I know that it is THE hardest job in the world. So for all of you who are blessed to have the coveted position as a mom, I wish you the most beautiful Mother's Day. 

I'll see you back here next week. Here are some good links for ya!

Earlier this week, I shared my photos of Ina Garten's recipe for Chocolate Chunk Blondies on Desiree's blog, Chic Coastal Living. "DANGEROUSLY GOOD" is how I feel about them. You can see the photos and get the recipe here.

Loved reading the success story of this beautiful designer and mother of 3...

The prettiest Mother's Day gift guide - in case you are still looking for the perfect gift!

LOVE this app! So, so neat.

This is happening. Target is going to be a madhouse!

Weekend reading...

Her kitchen is going to be gorgeous...

Stunning and classy...

Thank you for the comments, pins and e-mails on this post. You guys are wonderful...

Photos via The Glow
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Sophisticated Brass...

I realize brass fixtures have been back on the scene for a while now, but I had to share some of my recent finds. I never in a million years thought I would wish for brass fixtures after years of loving everything in oil-rubbed bronze, but fixtures like these totally caught my attention. These brushed brass fixtures add warmth to the cool white backdrops. They add a sophisticated flair to these spaces that has made made me scour the net to see what the latest and greatest offerings are in brass fixtures. I loved what I saw, especially this fixture and this fixture. Now I just need a few 1,000 dollars to completely renovate an existing space to my liking to make a home for them. Wishful thinking... :)

Images 1 | 2 | 3 & 4
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