Well yesterday was about Thanksgiving and today I have moved right on to Christmas! Yikes! Welcome to my first gift guide of the season! I wanted to focus my guides this year on thoughtful yet budget friendly items. There are so many great things out there this year that meet that criteria, so it was pretty tough for me to narrow down my picks! But here are the items that made the cut. I tried to include everything from the girl who cooks to the girl to loves fashion and decor to the girl who loves to just lounge. I hope this is helpful! :)
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  1. such amazing picks! I discovered that gold anthro mug a week or so ago and HAVE to have it. the clutch and the cable throw are amazing also. Actually, I just love everything on this list!

  2. Just got a pair of those nike (but in leopard) and loooove them! Though they run pretty small ;) I need to get one of those bottles, like them a lot!

  3. These are great ideas especially for this year as there are a bunch of us ladies that get together ever year to swap gifts. Again, as I always say, you've got great taste!

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