Alright! Christmas is 36 days away (yikes!), so it's high time for the first of my gift guides! I know, I know... There are already so many gift guides out there, so here's the deal with mine... They will be simple, mostly budget friendly, and hopefully really helpful. They will contain gifts that I would totally go buy for a friend or myself (if I don't already have them). I plan to do one guide once a week or so - with the exception of next week because I'll probably be in a food coma! I really love doing these, so I hope you enjoy them! First up: A few books for people who love or want to design, write, and cook... And for people who are simply human. :)

1. The 52 Lists Project: by Moorea Seal -  If you or someone you know makes personal resolutions or goals at the start of each new year and NEVER sticks to them, then I think this book would make the greatest gift. The book is a project of sorts where one make a simple, yet specific short list at the start of each week for a year (i.e. List the happiest moments of your life so far, List ways you can rejuvenate your space, List your best qualities). The action items for each list are designed to create a greater awareness for what you think and have now and how you can grow from them. I know there are more exciting things to do in the world than sitting down and making random lists, but making simple lists like these maybe first thing in the morning instead of picking up a Smartphone could lead one to becoming the best version of themselves - something that is often the last thing on our to-do lists...

2. Habitat: by Lauren Liess - Lauren's design blog, Pure Style Home, was one of the first blogs I started following years ago and I'm still reading it. She now has a new design book that I think every design lover must have - one that is already on my coffee table. She has such a talent for creating warm and inviting spaces made up of a mixture of elements made of different textures and materials. That is something that can be so hard to do, but she tells you exactly how to do it in her book. She also talks about her guidelines for the design process and offers great tips on how to design your own space. Most importantly (I think), it's just full of beautiful inspiration, whether one is designing their own space or not.

3. Home: by Ellen DeGeneres - Ok you know I love Ellen, so it should be no surprise that I bought this book the day it came out. She's so talented and based on her new book, she's kinnnnnnddd of amazing at interior design. In her new book, she shows you the interiors of her beautiful homes and talks about how she found them (some of which she literally bought during a dinner party), shares some lovely homes of her friends, and shares some of her favorite places to shop. The photography is stunning, but the thing I love the most is her writing. She is HILARIOUS! If you know someone who loves Ellen and pretty interiors, then this would make the most perfect gift for them.

4. Simply Nigella: by Nigella Lawson - I could listen to Nigella talk all day. I love her accent and love her simplistic non-nonsense way of cooking. In her newest cookbook, she focuses on feel good food - healthy food that tastes good, food that cooks up quickly during the weeknight, and food that is easy to make for a crowd. If someone you know has a goal for 2016 to get cooking in a good and healthy way for themselves and/or their family, then this would be a great gift for them...

5. 642 Things to Write About: by San Francisco Writers' Grotto -  I LOVE the idea of this book. If you love to write, are a blogger who needs ideas for posts, or have a child who is struggling with writing, then this is the book that will get those creative juices flowing! It's simply a collection of 642 simple questions and/or statements that jog ideas or stories. Some examples: "Describe something you wanted badly and, once you got it, never used," or, " Tell the true story of a dramatic moment in your life, but weave in one secret and one lie, or, "How do you feel about love these days...I could write a novel on that last thought, but I digress. Either way, I think this would make an excellent gift for a creative!

6. Humans Of New York: Stories: by Brandon StantonHumans of New York is definitely one of my favorite Instagram accounts. The stories of the people, that are sometimes just a few sentences, are so touching. Founder Brandon Stanton has just released his second book that highlights stunning photos of New Yorkers along with quotes and interviews of their life and thoughts. The things people go through (the good and bad) are unreal and this book highlights that. It's a humbling book that will make you smile, laugh, shed a tear or two, and just feel grateful for where you are now. I think that's a good gift... 
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