{A basket of my mom's cute ornaments that will go on her tree... She actually found those at the Dollar Tree!}

Hi there! How was your Thanksgiving?? I hope it went well. It's been quiet in these parts - again. I know. My Thanksgiving went really well until I caught some sort of stomach bug near the end. I'm still not feeling that great and am spending as much time as I can resting (i.e. it's 7PM right now and I'm already in bed for the night!) Anyway, I thought I would share some photos I took over the break. I'll be back here as soon as I feel better! Fingers crossed that will be soon... Have a great rest of the week!

{The chopped vegetables I used to make a version of this braised turkey. It was SO SO SO good and super easy to make. I basically followed the recipe for the dark meat except for adding the flour and the cognac. Trust me - it was amazing without those things. }

{Cheese for the macaroni and cheese. I planned to make this mac & cheese. But once I got home, my mom was raving about John Legend's (the singer) mac & cheese. She said she had made it recently and that it was really good. So I made it (such an easy recipe) and everyone loved it! }

{My new favorite pair of glasses, and a few cozy cable knit sweaters I wore during the break. That top sweater is easily one of my favorites this season. It's still on sale! }

{An outtake during a photo shoot with my brother. I was wearing an all-black outfit, so naturally a lint brush was necessary. :) That clutch is a staple that I will quite possibly have forever. }

{ And the vanilla pound cake that I make every year for Thanksgiving... Everyone scarfed it up, which made me happier than I would have been if I was able to eat a slice myself.... :) }
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