An Etsy Favorite: Made By Girl

This print reminded me of the Keep Calm prints that I recently discussed. However this print really caught my eye. It's colorful and seemed to have so much more personality than the plain prints. So the moment I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I recently purchased it from Jennifer Ramos's Etsy store for my home office. It was only $9.50! She sells lots of creative and colorful prints like these that would be perfect for an office, child's room, living area, or dining area.

 I recently discovered Jennifer via her fabulous blog, Made By Girl. She talks about everything from food to art to interior design. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you know that I love white rooms. So I instantly fell in love with her style when I saw pictures of her kitchen that she recently remodeled.



Her kitchen screams clean and fresh. The dark floors help illuminate the space and the light fixtures are the perfect accessories. This makeover proves that small changes make a big difference. Painting the cabinets white instantly brightened up the space. The simple, yet stylish hardware adds great texture to the space and compliments the appliances and the backsplash.

She recently added a beautiful dining room table that she purchased from ZGallerie. I think this was the perfect finish to the space.

Click here to see pictures of the rest of her home! Amazing!

Images by Jennifer Ramos

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  1. Oh, we are on the same page. I just did an art post myself featuring my favorite ebay artists! You got a beautiful bargain!!

  2. her home is turning out quite gorgeous isnt it, swoon worthy really.

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