Paula Deen Is At Home!

I'll just start off by saying that I LOVE Paula Deen. I'm a southern girl at heart, so I love her southern recipes, her southern accent, and her southern sense of humor. She has her own cooking show, owns a few restaurants, has several great and entertaining cookbooks, a line of cookware and knives-- and who knows what else! She always seems to be on the move. So one should not be surprised that she now has her own furniture line. If you are in to country, rustic, southern decor, then her furniture should give you some great inspiration.

You can view more pieces and find a dealer on her website, Paula at Home. I wonder what's next for her??
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  1. paula deen is all over the place now! i was just watching her cheography, and it's really amazing to see where she came from, especially the dynamics between she and her sons. i don't know that i'd buy the furniture (i am a vintage girl at heart, after all), but i definitely respect her hustle!

  2. how nest is this. loving all the table legs.


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