Isn't This Pretty?

I am completely smitten over this pretty bathroom designed by Mabley Handler. I'm loving the blue subway tile on the walls. The different sizes go perfectly together and they reflect the light beautifully. And that bathtub- stunning.

Add this room to my wish list: check!
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  1. Ohh yes! Its beautiful. I would love to be there RIGHT NOW!

  2. My jaw just droppped and hit my desk! What a GORGEOUS bath. That is my dream tub!!!

  3. SO PRETTY!!! I want to soak myself in there for weeks!

    <3 Belly B

  4. Oh yeah! Pour a glass of wine and start up the bath!!

  5. Oh my, yes, it is beautiful!!

  6. Oh so pretty! I can just see myself spending lots and lots of time there in relaxation! xx

  7. Oh Wow! This bathroom knocks my socks off! Perfection.

  8. Hi there Tiffany, thanks for the post, and to everyone for all of the nice comments. We designed this bathroom for the 2006 Hamptons Cottages & Gardens magazine Idea House.
    All of the products used in this bathroom were from Urban Archaeology...The wall and floor tiles, the bath tub, the light fixture, even the small nickel and glass side table.
    There are more photos of this bathroom (including the gorgeous vanity wash stands & mirrors on the other side of the bathroom) at the link below:
    Thanks again for the post :)
    -Jennifer & Austin

  9. I I LOVE that stinking tub! The whole bathroom rocks!


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