Photography + Fashion: Dustjacket Attic

One of the best parts of my vacation has been having the time to read blogs and find new ones. I found so many good ones! I have a new love and respect for photography and fashion has always been my friend, so I have fallen in love with Dustjacket Attic. It's a gorgeous blog that highlights high fashion photography. Looking at this blog is like looking at a little issue of Vogue- except it's published daily instead of monthly. Winner... Here are a few of my favorite pics that have been featured...

Gorgeous right??!! And that is a very short preview of the beautiful photos that are featured! This blog is done by DJ and I think she does a great job finding the perfect pics to feature. Stop by her blog to see the photo credits and more pics!

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  1. Beautiful! I love the first picture. I wish I could pull off hats like this!

  2. SOOOOO Super happy you found this blog! It is now my new favorite!!! ;) xo

  3. Wow, I love that last dress...so so pretty! I want it! :)

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