A Staycation

Happy Friday! I usually count down the days until Friday, but this week has been different. I have been on vacation all week and it has been quite blissful. It has been somewhat of a "staycation." I spent the first half of the week visiting my family in Alabama and the last half relaxing at home. My goal was to focus only on doing the things I love- no stress, no schedules. I did things like...

Raid Anthropologie. I got some really cute tops that were on sale and some dresses that were not. Oh well- I really loved them. And I FINALLY got the Farmers Egg Crate!

I've been wanting that crate for forever. I'll show ya my outfits in the near future...

I made this organic fruit salad to munch on during my time at home. Incredibly fresh and delicious...

I arranged these tea roses for my nightstand. I buy flowers for myself all the time. Ain't no shame in my game! Flowers just make me happy, so I try to keep them around.

And of course I am spending some quality time with my child! I have never known a cat who loves to take photos as much as he does...

My vacation will continue into next week (I'm smiling). I'm not on any kind of schedule so I may or may not be back until Tuesday. I actually love the fact that I have no idea... 

Have a fabulous weekend...

Images by me

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  1. Yeah! So excited you got the egg crate. Can't wait to see your outfits.

    That frutit salad looks delic and fresh flowers make me feel happy too =)

    Your cat is beautiful - love, love those eyes!!

    Enjoy your staycation (I'm jealy)

  2. Sounds SOOO wonderful! What a gorgeous cat!!

  3. wow! that sounds amazing! and any time at Antrho is like a vacation! LOVE the roses-I actually just bought some just like that the other day-I never buy flowers unless Im having a party-but those pale pink roses were calling my name-and they did inspire a photo shoot-so I'll have some pics up later next week
    Enjoy the rest of your stay-cation! you need to add a Starbucks run in there too! :-)

  4. hope you have a wonderful time! stay cations are one of my favorites.

  5. Love that you are taking a staycation...such a great idea! I want in! And love your handsome little kitty...he is so sweet!

  6. Eggs are an underestimated beauty.

  7. Just lovely! that fruit salad looks far better than anything you could get away from home. Enjoy!

  8. Yay for the egg crate! I have one and LOVE it! I can always find a little something at Anthro. Your cat is darling. My two dogs are my children too, so I can relate!

  9. Those eggs look like they came from pastured raised chickens. I love eggs. They are so good for you too.


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