Weekend In Nine

Hello!! How is everyone doing? Things are good here. I had a great weekend with my family. I ate tons, slept tons and pretty much feel like I am caught up. What a lovely feeling...  Here are some other highlights from last week and weekend:

1. My brother and I were in TJMaxx last week. He saw this coat was dangling on a hanger and asked me to try it on. I gave him a crazy look as I was not in the market for a coat, especially one that looked like that- on the hanger. But I tried it on and SOLD! I love the details and how it fits. Perfect for the holidays...

2. We bought the coat on Wednesday. On Thursday, I had the best time with my family! I also ate myself into a food coma. My brother and I tried to fight it off by taking a walk around my uncle's backyard. It didn't work.

3.  A few reasons why I was in a food coma...

4. My brother shot this while we were on our walk. He loves playing around with cameras like I do. I was so full in that pic. Full of food that is...

5. I hope my coat still fits. I haven't tried it on since Wednesday. I really ate lots.

6. Friday was my mom's birthday. We talked, talked some more, put up her Christmas tree and ate leftovers. No shopping. Hanging out with her in our pj's all day was much more enjoyable.

7. I put the majority of my Christmas decorations up over the weekend! I am SO excited about the holidays. Mom bought this wreath for me at Hobby Lobby and I love it. I hope to photograph everything else this week!

8. I FINALLY had time to figure out how to use Polyvore. Hallelujah!! I know I am lightyears late on learning it. Better late than never...

9. If you need a little inspiration about life, relationships, starting your own business, blogging etc., read this post by my girl Rhoda of Southern Hospitality.

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  1. I ate myself into a coma as well ~ now I need to start getting the house ready for the holidays to work it off :) !!

    Happy Monday,

  2. You are gorgeous! I love the coat and the desserts look fab. I'm still recovering from my food coma. Happy Monday!

  3. Loved reading your recap! And if that outfit that you put together on polyvore is soo cute!

    Read Rhoda's post last night. She is an amazing (and very strong) woman. Can't wait to read more!

  4. I love that you guys tried walking around your uncle's backyard. That's hilarious but well played. It's worth a shot, right?

  5. love that coat!! We ate till our eyeballs were full too! We went to Marshalls and I scored a pair of Michael Kors boots! yay! We also went to the Outlet-but honestly the sales were not all that. But I am now sooo wanting a Tory Burch purse-they had them on sale at the TB outlet! gotta beg Santa for that! And you are so gonna LOVE Polyvore- its right up your alley with the fashion-stuff.

  6. Your brother must know you well because that coat looks fantastic on you!

    And that pie....mmm. We have a leftover pie that has been teasing me over the weekend.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
    <3 Anna

  7. That pie looks fabulous! I definitely ate myself into a coma as well. xo

  8. Hey, Tiffany, I think I was in a food coma too. But, man was it good! Glad you have a great family too. enjoy your Christmas season & thanks for the linky love. xoxo

  9. Lovely pictures! I love wearing a red coat around Christmas time (I even call it my Christmas coat haha)

  10. I wish my brother could pick me out something like that off a hanger. He has got some good taste! Too funny about polyvore! I feel like that about everything. The desserts look yummy! Oh...your hair is beautiful in that picture your brother took!

  11. Love your new coat! Super cute! And I'm so excited you're got Polyvore figured's my favorite tool! :)

  12. Just coming out of my own food coma! You're way ahead of me with Polyvore. Haven't even attempted it yet! Just figured out Facebook and Twitter, so one thing at a time. Ha!

  13. That 2nd dessert looks soooo good! Love your coat, both the silhouette and the color fit you perfectly ;)

  14. Love that coat! There is something about a red coat that just makes me smile, it looks fantastic on you!

  15. Glad you had a wonderful weekend and the coat looks great on you! I love playing around on Polyvore and have wasted more time on that site that I care to admit. :)

  16. great coat little lady. The Maxx is always my favorite! donna


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