Weekend In Seven

Hi guys! It's the start of one of my FAVORITE weeks of the year! Thanksgiving! I spent the weekend tackling my to-do list and thankfully was able to get a lot done. Here are a few of those things mixed with a little randomness...

1. Well, I put up a few Christmas decorations. Just a few. I usually wait until the Sunday after Thanksgiving, but I couldn't help myself. For some reason, I am more excited about this Christmas than I have been in a long time. Am I the only one? Decorating will commence on Sunday... :) :)

2. This was a mocha that I devoured at brunch on Sunday at West Egg Cafe in Atlanta. If you are ever in the neighborhood, do yourself a huge favor and eat there. The food is fantastic and that is probably the best mocha I have ever had. Sorry Starbucks...

3. After brunch, I headed to the grocery store to stock up on some veggies to nibble on for the next few days. Eating super healthy the next few days will make me feel better about eating really really really bad on Thursday and Friday. I know that's not the best rationale...

4. I took a stroll through Restoration Hardware over the weekend. Sigh... My wish list gets longer every time I go in there! I added this bed to the list. Nailhead heaven.

5. Is there an awards show for the best commercials? If so, the Target 2011 Black Friday commercial should win the Oscar of all commercials. I saw it several times over the weekend and I laughed every single time! That lady is hilarious! That is the commercial just in case you haven't see it yet.

6. My weekend wouldn't be complete without pinning. Do you ever think Pinterest will go out of style? Anyway, this was my top pin of the weekend- camera lenses for the iPhone 4/4S. You can find them here. Genius I tell ya.

7. Thanks to all of you who have voted for my photo in Giada's Facebook photo contest! I really appreciate it! Voting is still open and will be until December 2nd. If you are on Facebook and would like to vote, just click here! You can even vote once a day if you like!

Happy Monday!

Oh and P.S. I'm over at Laura's lovely blog, Bright Bold & Beautiful sharing three things that I am thankful for!
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  1. That iphone with camera lenses is pure genius. Can you image the quality of the picture from a phone.

  2. IS there really a lens for the iphone? No way! That is crazy....yes walking through RH is loads of fun, and so girl eat well now to enjoy the foodfest on Thursday, good idea!

  3. Target always has the best Black Friday commercials. The lady who is training in her stilettos? That's me.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. Such a fun weekend and those lenses for the iPhone, SHUT UP! I am off to check those bad boys out!! Can't wait to see your festive decor, I am in the midst of #operationglitter here!!

  5. Ahh I've tried to hold off on Christmas decor, but I did pick up some things this weekend! :)

  6. Love that gorgeous bed from RH and that lady in the Target commercial is so funny!

    P/S: Come by and enter my current giveaway for a chance to win a $65 gift cert (for some pretty designer pillows) if you like!


  7. I am in love with that bed too! Looks like you had another fab weekend! xo

  8. Ha, that Target commercial is great..and I am seriously loving the nailhead trim on that bed. I am trying to hold off on pulling out the decorations...they will be out this weekend.

  9. Hadn't seen the commercial yet...too funny! Sounds like you had a productive weekend. While I haven't started decorating just yet, I have started assembling things...the real decorating will start on Friday!

  10. wowza! camera lenses for the IPhone?! that is GENIUS!

  11. 5 more days until I start decorating. I'm pretty excited. I love your phone pics.

  12. I voted! Picture (and food) looks amazing! Good luck :)

  13. I think your veggie rationale is totally right on! and my sister and I are so those crazy people that run around Target on Black Friday-that ad is classic! And dont even get me started on Restoration Hardware- They just opened up a 3-story one about an hour from me. It even has a roof top garden! *sigh*

  14. WHAT!! lenses for your iPhone?? how cool! is it real??
    Just read your post on BB&B and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only chocaholic ;)

  15. Great minds think alike! I just stocked up on veggies and I am in love with Target's new ad campaign as well!


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