In My Spare Time...

I've had the opportunity to enjoy this thing called spare time this week. I totally forgot how wonderful it is. I am sitting here now watching The Holiday for the 105th time (which might actually be accurate), a clean house and unpacked bags. I am thankful.

Spare time calls for something that I am incredibly addicted to. It starts with a "P." I have been pinning like crazy all week- both on my computer and my iPhone. It's dangerous because it makes me want to...

paint my entire house and buy new furniture TODAY, not tomorrow...

buy chalkboard paint and have a last minute wine and cheese party...

call California Closets to see if they have availability for an appointment TODAY, not tomorrow...

Max out my credit card just on jewelry alone...

and accessorize my toilet. Ha.

But even after all of those thoughts, Pinterest has a way of reminding me of what's really important...

Amen to that.

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  1. What a FABULOUS saying!! We should all have that pinned to our refrigerator AND makeup mirror!!!! Isn't spare time amazing? I have finally had a small chunk myself lately and what a hitting the jackpot:)
    Enjoy yours, what a cool idea that chalkboard painted tray is for cheese....great idea!! Have fun with your list.

  2. Haha--Love this post. And that is so so true! But boy--that jewelry sure is lovely. :)

  3. Love it all! I am with you and that saying is just so so true!

  4. I thought of you last night when I watched The Holiday for the millionth time... and that's just this year! Oh, how I love that movie! I adore the quote. Such a great reminder to us all! xo

  5. Lovely living room. I like the design of the cabinet too. Mirrors are very helpful in a room and it makes the room look bigger and brighter.

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  6. Funny but true, putting the stuff your would normally put on the counter on top of the toilet would save so much space!


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