Friday's Fancies: Floral Fever

Happy Friday!! What's the weather like in your neighborhood?? It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday, which I find quite strange. But it feels oh so good! I do love winter (crazy I know), but with all of the new spring lines coming out + the warm weather- well, I'm kind of excited!

I am loving so much about the new spring lines, but I must say that floral prints have really caught my eye. I love the fresh look that they give to an outfit. Doesn't that outfit look "fresh??" I LOVE everything about that silk top from the color to the attached floral belt that wraps and ties in the back. Anything that accentuates the waist is a plus for me.

Florals make a big statement, so I paired the top with some neutral pieces. Those wedges will pretty much go with anything. Do you think wedges will ever go out of style?? I hope not. Me and my feet love them. A lot.

The accessories are simple- and expensive. Hermes bracelet. Cartier diamond earrings. Rachel Zoe-like Tom Ford sunnies. Yes I am dreaming... really big.

But the wedges are on sale for $30 at DSW!! Ha.

What are your favorite items for spring??  Fill me in!

Oh and P.S.... I have an INCREDIBLE giveaway coming up on Monday, so be sure to stop by!

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  1. Oh that blouse!!! Beautiful outfit Tiff!
    Hope yo have a great weekend and looking forward to Monday!! ;)

  2. LOVE this outfit. REALLY would love the sunnies and the purse! Those shoes are only $30? Score!

  3. I've never been much for florals, but this is so beautiful. I may have to reconsider this spring!

  4. I love everything about this outfit! I wasn't sure the floral trend was for me with all the floral pants and skirts I've been seeing lately, but this is a way I could wear it! I based my friday's fancies look on mint green - another spring trend I'm loving!

  5. loving this outfit with bold floral blouse- excellent! oh- and where did you get that awesome sun hat in your blog photo? it is too perfect! found the blog through the FF link up-following now!

  6. That blouse is SOOO cute and fresh! Love it paired with the white pants! Happy Friday T! :)

  7. That would be a great outfit for our upcoming trip to NYC! If the shoes are only $30, you better go snag a pair. It's only in the 50's here, so needless to say it's another sweater and coat day! You'd be proud of me... this weekend I'm working on personal taxes. :) I know, my weekends are so very exciting!

  8. Yellow and pink is always SO feminine and beautiful to me.

  9. i love the top ~ so much so that I clicked over to it to see if it could be mine... but ouch ~ I will be saving my pennies for a while :) Happy Friday!

  10. I love this outfit! Especially those white pants! They are fabulous! And I am loving those wedges too. Wedges are by far my favorite type of shoes... Great accessories too! Just great style overall.. haha..
    Have a great weekend!! :)

    Nicole Rene

  11. I love wearing white...and white pants in the spring and summer, well there is NOTHING better! Love this outfit, and SO happy I came across your site! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and Happy Friday!!
    Twirling Clare

  12. You so nailed it with that outfit! Love it head to toe, so chic!

  13. The top has such a pop! I love it! It's definitely spring, I want to look for something like that! Happy weekend!


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