My Perfect Pretend Saturday

Hi there! I hope you had a great weekend and a great Easter! I don't have anything exciting to report since I'm still fighting to meet my deadline which is THIS WEEK! So excited! Since I don't have too much to report, I thought I would hit ya with another edition of My Perfect Pretend Day. I did a similar post here and it was so fun to put together. So here goes...


It would be a beautiful Saturday morning and the buzzing sound from the alarm clock is nonexistent. I wake up naturally in my comfy bed fitted with crisp white linens. My view might look something like this...

I roll over only to find that my strikingly handsome husband is gone. But then I listen carefully and hear him fumbling around in our kitchen that looks like this...

I heart that galley kitchen... A few minutes later he comes back with a beautiful breakfast on a tray and the New York Times. I kinda miss the old fashioned newspaper and I'm dreaming of the day when I have time to read one cover to cover. Anyway, the hubs is a sweetheart because this is what he brings...

Simple and thoughtful. Love. As we share the sections of the newspaper, we talk about our plans for the day. He plans to play golf all day (shocker). So I say if he plans to play golf all day, then I might just spend the afternoon at the spa. He just smiles... :) He leaves and I resort to this gorgeous, light-filled space before I head off to the spa....

I have a little meeting with my Google Reader on my iPad, call my mom, meditate and make a to-do list for a dinner that I am hosting for my family the next day.

After my amazingly relaxing time at the spa, I receive a text from the hubs saying he has made dinner reservations at a "dressy" restaurant for 7PM. I love surprises and spontaneity... I run home and spend what seems like a few hours in this closet finding the perfect outfit... 

Such a dream of a closet right? I ultimately decide on this pleated beauty...

Then I would resort to this space to get ready...

LOVE the black tile and the shiny tub...

We are always so busy with work and with life, so I want to be perfect for the occasion. That means I take my time. After and hour, or maybe two, I hear the hubs say," We're going to be late!!" He always says that... I finally walk out and the hubs leads me to the backyard, not the car. I'm confused until I see this...

I'm so shocked I could faint. It's a space by the lake behind our home (remember the view from our bedroom?) It's so beautiful, so peaceful, so thoughtful and so much better than a restaurant. We talk, we eat good food, we chat and we share thoughts. We are thankful.


Ahhh... So nice right? I'm always grateful for what I really have, but it's fun to dream every once in a while. What would your perfect Saturday be like? Maybe I will start a little series so others can share what their perfect day would be like. What do you think about that?? 


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  1. Ahhh what a relaxing and fun post Tiff! Love every detail about it ;)

  2. Love it! Just dreaming about it is relaxing.

  3. Love, love, love! Also LOVE your idea to hear about other "perfect Saturdays"!!!

  4. Now THIS would be a perfect Saturday...dreamy beyond words. You nailed it! Hope you had a Happy Easter and thanks for your kind wishes about Teddy.

  5. Love this post!! A truly perfect pretend day indeed.

  6. Sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Hope your week goes smoothly. You deserve to celebrate when it's over! xo

  7. I think a series would be super fun!! Love your idea of a perfect day! Beautiful!

  8. I would join you on any Saturday!

  9. I'm in love with everyone of these images.

  10. You should totally start a series like this! That galley kitchen made me gasp, so beautiful!

  11. Dreams are real if you just believe. :)

    Ceddy Ced


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