Weekend In Six Pics

Hi there!  How was your weekend? I worked 60 + hours last week, so sleep was the #1 item on my agenda this weekend. But I still have a few things to fill you in on...

I'm still decorating my office. The big painting is up way too high and I don't plan to move it down until after my deadline. So in the meantime, I started a little vignette below it to take up some space. It just might be there to stay...

I was entirely too exhausted over the weekend to cook, but I did have the energy to throw together the FRESHEST fruit salad. I just mixed navel orange slices, the juice of the orange, organic strawberries and blackberries together. So simple. So delicious.

I'm still not tired of tulips. Sorry. This week, they are peach.

I found those wedges at Target for $24.99. PLUS they are comfortable. Jackpot. You can find them here.

My photographer posted that pic of me to her company's Facebook page over the weekend. I can't wait to bust out that hat this summer!

A few other things: The Aestate is my new favorite tumblr site. I ordered this beautiful journal over the weekend. Oh and I ordered this cute tunic dress, too. :)

Happy April!

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  1. The salad, the tulips, gorgeous! Love that pic of you Tiff!

  2. Such fun pics!! Love the tulips and fruit salad and I want those wedges!!

  3. Such a lovely journal, I might have to order one too! I'm a huge fan of the rifle paper co.

  4. What beautiful pictures! And your new journal + tunic are gorgeous!

  5. Loving your office. Tulips are a favorite of mine, and that fruit salad looks delish!

  6. Love how you layered those pictures.....and those shoes..Target...really! Need.


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