How would you like to start your weekend off in that bathroom with a tub full of fragrant suds, a stack of magazines and a bottle or two of wine?? Dreamy. I love everything about the space from the lighting to the Waterworks tub to the flooring to the view. Do you?

What's up for the weekend? I plan to do a whole lot of absolutely nothing... my favorite type of weekend. Before you head into what I hope is a relaxing weekend for you, check out some of my favorite links from the week...

1. If you have read the Fifty Shades trilogy, did you imagine that Escala looked like this?

2. I love how one-piece swimsuits can serve two purposes...

3. My favorite quote of the week. It's so very true.

4. I can't wait for Fed Ex or UPS to drop this off at my door. 

5.  I think I repin just about everything she pins.

6. You can see more of the home with that gorgeous bathroom here.

Have a great weekend my friends...

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  1. What would I do? Probably never leave the bathtub, lol. What a beautiful, peaceful and drmatic space! So pretty........thanks for the heads up on Ina's book, must go order now, love her. Happy weekend to you Tiffany.

  2. Would love to spend some time in that tub, although I probably wouldn't get out after a bottle of wine! Now I must start reading Fifty Shades. I do drive by Escala somewhat often. You have me intrigued! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Such a gorgeous bathroom! And I love weekends where there is NOTHING to do! So nice!

  4. Amazing bathroom!!!

  5. WOWZA..that bathroom is so perfect.....

  6. I loved Gaby's guest post about the one piece bathing suits too! Thanks for featuring us! Love your blog! :)


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