Lust List #4

Well, this is my 4th lust list and I think this one is my favorite one so far.

I am ordering Darryl's book after I press the "Publish" button. His designs are pretty much perfect, so buying it is pretty much a perfect decision in my book...

Price wise, I was doing really good (i.e. everything was under $50) until I saw that Philip Lim bag. Then I saw that swimsuit. I have no idea if it would be flattering on me, but I love it and the color. Anyway, those two things pretty much ruined it for everyone. Sorry - I couldn't help myself. Aren't they pretty, though?

Oh and isn't that tea mug genius?

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  1. The tea mug is genius! And the scarf, so lovely!

  2. Clever tea why didnt' I think of that:) LOVE the bathing suit, fabulous color and the for me and one for you!

  3. Oh...the bag...why is it not under $50? It's lovely (and unfortunately it's also out of my reach!).

  4. Perfect list! I've had my eye on that Philip Lim, it's incredible. Love the bathing suit and tea mug, too!

  5. So much to love here!! The bracelet and the scarf are my favorites!

  6. I really want that book and bracelet! Loving this lust list!

  7. I'm loving this! My favorites are those bowls, that scarf & green suit.

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