Summer Fruit Crostada

So I saw the great Ina Garten make this crostada on her show last week. It look amazing + it has one of my favorite summer fruit combinations. If you haven't had a bowl of fresh peaches and plums, then you should treat yourself to a bowl as soon as possible...

I could have eaten that whole bowl. In fact, I almost did- all because of my fear of making a homemade pie crust. I've never made my own pie crust. All of the mixing, then chilling, then rolling, then flour all over my kitchen - not so fun to me. But Ina made it look so easy, so I faced my fear and tried it. 

My initial thoughts: Whoever invented the store-bought pie crust is a genius. The pie crust making process was exactly as I imagined it would be. Flour was on me and everywhere else and the dough stuck to the board and to my rolling pen several times. Uggh. After I put more flour on the board, a pound it felt like, I finally got the dough rolled out into what was supposed to be a circle. My dough was more like a circle / rectangle / triangle. But it was supposed to look "rustic," so perhaps I picked the perfect recipe for my first pie crust. 

But people, let me tell you. I sat at my kitchen table, face and shirt covered in flour, and ate almost half of that crostada. The sweet, fruity flavors combined with that buttery, crispy crust were complete heaven.  So I have always known that in life, it is almost always worth it to go through messy times to get to and appreciate the good times. I now know that also applies to homemade pie crusts... :)

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  1. You kill me with your pictures amazing and this looks SOOOO good! I have to try this, I doubt I would share it with anyone as I am a total sucker when it comes to pastry and fruit, especially togther, and then I would have to add a dollop of whipped cream of yummy vanilla ice cream....yep this is a keeper!
    Happy July 4th!

  2. This looks amazingly delicious and gorgeous!!! What a wonderful Summer treat.

  3. Well now your just showing off your photography skills !!!! You are certainly one up on me because you can bake too. I will be taking notes on this one as it looks scrumptious! I get so inspired receiving your posts Tiffany, thank you!!

  4. Looks yummy! Nothing like fruity desserts in the summer. You really don't have to do much -- the fruit does everything for you!

  5. Wow- I could live off of this dessert. I adore Crostadas.

  6. I appreciate your honesty! I'm pretty sure I would've devoured the entire thing in one sitting and find myself covered in crumbs afterward! :)

  7. I watched Ina's video and yours looked better! ;o)


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