Weekend in Five Pics

My favorite coffee table book at the moment | Saturday dessert - the BEST cranberry lemon bar from this bakery | Saturday lunch - a California turkey sandwich with a spicy chipotle mayo | Banana Republic pea coat (similar here) | Frozen cranberries for tomorrow's cocktail

Hi there my friends... I hope you had a wonderful weekend. My weekend was extremely low-key. On Saturday morning, I took my slow time getting out of bed, had a little practice time with my camera, had a great lunch and dessert, then hit a few stores to do some Christmas shopping. Why is it that I always find the BEST stuff, on sale, when I am shopping for other people??? Does that happen to you? That yellow coat had my name on it and was the only one left on the sale rack, plus I had a coupon. So buying it just felt like the right thing to do... :)

On Sunday, I slept in again and made my 2012 holiday cocktail that I can't wait to share with you tomorrow! 
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  1. yum on every image. can't wait for the cocktail!

    if you haven't already stopped by, it would be a pleasure to have you take a peek at my giveaway:

    i hope you win!


  2. Ooooh I can't wait to see the holiday cocktail !!! Love love love that coat, the color is fabulous and my stomach is rumbling from looking at that food. Yum.

  3. Your weekends always looks so yummy and that coat is amazing! You'll look fab in it!

  4. oohhhh I hear ya... Christmas is the best time of year to find SO many perfect things for yourself! When it's a deal, and a beautifully unique item like that coat you just can't leave it on the rack. PS that sandwich looks delicious.

  5. That yellow coat is to. die. for. :) I always find stuff when I have no money, but I go to the mall WITH money to spend and I can't find anything! Oh, it's just the way life goes.

  6. Oh that coat is gorgeous, the color is stunning! And yes, I always find stuff when I'm shopping for others, like today, I was shopping for Christmas gifts and couldn't resist getting something for me too ;)


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