Three different spaces that I'll take any day. They are light, they are bright, and all very different in style. I love the windows in that kitchen. I don't think I would mind doing dishes while standing in front of those windows. I also love that cozy little bedroom. I'd hire whoever styled those shelves in a heartbeat!! Wouldn't you?? And the little garden in the cabinets of that simple Scandinavian kitchenLovely little idea...

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  1. Great pictures and agree that window in the kitchen is amazing. Beautiful images as always...enjoy your weekend.

  2. Oh my lord, I want that view from my kitchen sink! While I'm at it, I'll take the entire kitchen too :) Beautiful pics.

  3. Beautiful. Love the windows in the first. And, I would so love bookcase surrounding our bed!!

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  5. Excellent ideas to decorate our indoor. You neatly arranged things in the living room. At one stage I'm confused that whether the pictures are black and white, but everything thing looks clean and beautiful. Reckless Driving Virginia


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