{That IKEA planter... Perfect for storing blankets for the fall and winter... }

{The roof, the lighting, the plants - all of it. If I had a home in the country, it might look like that one...}

{That beautiful structured Celine shopper. It's part of their Fall 2013 collection and part of my "if I hit it big" collection. }

{The smokey color of that door ("Down Pipe" by Farrow & Ball) and the subtle reminder that my favorite holiday is FOUR months away! }

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  1. You are putting me in a fall mood! I can't wait, my two most favorite holidays are approaching!

  2. I need to get my hands on the new ikea catalog, that basket is gorgeous, and I hear that there are fabulous new things!

  3. That basket is super cute! AND. THAT. HOUSE! I am so in love with it.

  4. Go got good taste my friend! I just see myself with that purse slung over my shoulder walking into that house that's mine :-)

  5. Gahh, that house, that front porch... If you had a home in the country, I'd come visit :)

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