Well my friends, it's been quite a week here in Atlanta, so flowers were in order... I've been snowed/iced in since Tuesday and it's been bittersweet. Whether you live here or not, you have probably heard the terrible stories about what roughly two inches of snow did to the city. Atlanta never gets that much snow, so it's quite an ordeal when it does snow. The snow started around noon on Tuesday. I decided to stay home that morning, which was the BEST decision. Around noon was when everyone got on the roads to pick up their kids from school or head home from work. But by then it was too late and the volume was too much. Kids got stuck at school and people were stranded on the icy roads for hours, like 18 or 19 hours. Lack of preparation on the city's part made things quite difficult. But out of all of that, there are so many great stories of compassion. You can read about some of them here. People really came together to help those in need and it was heart-warming to hear those stories in the midst of the chaos. I couldn't leave home, so I baked fresh bread for a neighbor who finally made it home after having to spend Tuesday night in a grocery store. That's the least I could do...

So cheers to a warmer, less chaotic weekend. I say that literally as I sip on a glass of wine while writing this post... :) Enjoy the links!

The Super Bowl hasn't even come on yet and I've already chosen my favorite commercial. Done. I've watched the pre-released commercial at LEAST 20 times...

And in case you need a snack for the Super Bowl...

Even though I never left home this week, I still wore my new perfume every day. Smells divine.

If you follow lots of fashion blogs, then you probably already follow this new-to-me blog. I adore her chic, yet classic style...

This is such a neat app and worth the price, too...

Apparently I need to stand up more...

A fantastic and insightful post on the past, present and most importantly, the future state of blogs. Eye opening and thought-provoking.

Mac and cheese - made on a cookie sheet. Delish...


Image: Ashley Whittaker Design

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  1. That's are very beautiful flowers.
    I am so happy when spring is coming.

  2. Why can't you be my neighbour?!! Crazy everything that happened there, stay warm and safe!
    Regarding the article, yes!! they say that you should stand up every hour and just do some stretches! Happy weekend! :)

  3. Love these flowers ....... Looking forward to reading all of these links this weekend. Joining the hubs for Superbowl so I just might make this! Have a great weekend Tiffany!

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