Hi there!! I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a fantastic longggg weekend. The plan was to not have any plans and I think I got more fun things done than I would have if I had a plan. Ha. I relished doing little things like taking a nap during an afternoon storm, watching a movie on Netflix during breakfast as opposed to watching the news, making homemade pancakes for dinner and going to bed late. I even ate ice cream for lunch one day. That's where this gorgeous ice cream shop comes into play. Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream is a new ice cream shop here in Atlanta that has been getting rave reviews. I'd heard about the cute decor, creamy ice cream in unique, yet amazing flavors and constant lines of people out the door. So I grabbed my camera and decided to try it out during lunch before the crowds gathered...

My review: I will never go to another ice cream shop in Atlanta again - other than this one. SO GOOD!  I'm glad I had my camera because the decor is super cute and airy. Most importantly, the ice cream is delectable. It's so fresh and incredibly creamy - creamier than really good gelato. It's made from the milk of grass-fed cows and real ingredients. The flavors are so creative. They have unlimited tastings, so I took advantage of that. Flavors like "Goat Cheese w/ Red Cherries" and "Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet" really peaked my interest. But the Brambleberry Crisp won me over. It was like eating a blackberry crisp (with an oatmeal topping) and a side of vanilla ice cream all in one. I had a scoop of that served on a pillow of "Savannah Buttermint." The nice server modeled it for me and then I proceeded to scarf it down while using multiple napkins in the process. It was perfect. :)

Images by me

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  1. Gorgeous photos, and wow, goat cheese ice cream? that is pretty exotic! Everything tastes better when done with natural ingredients ;)

  2. My favourite weekends are always the weekends in which I have no plans! I am dying to try Jenni's . They need to come to Canada already!

  3. Jeni's is from my hometown, Columbus Ohio. Glad to see they are expanding! The Meyer Lemon flavor is insane!!

  4. Oh my goodness ...... what a cool place!!! I wish we had such inspiration in our ice cream hangouts!!!!

  5. I live in Atlanta! Must try this place out..I love ice cream!!

  6. Buy her book. She includes all of her recipes!! I've made many and they all turn out great!


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