The longer I blog, the more fascinated I become with international interior design. I find that most international design is much more simple. And if you have been following me on my little blogging journey, you know that "simple" just might be one of my favorite words. The necessities in the spaces are the main attractions and they aren't overly accessorized. Like I said, they are just simple and I like that. This kitchen and dining area in this London home is just what I am talking about. The space is open, airy, light, bright and has great mixture of modern and rustic elements. I'm not a huge fan of the bottom cabinets, but I love the upper cabinets, the tile backsplash inside of them, and the pantry doors. Oh and that herb garden in the middle of the island - such a genius idea! When I look at this space, I imagine myself there "on holiday," as the British say... I can see myself cooking for my family in the kitchen and enjoying our meal around that rustic table as we enjoy our little vaca together. I smile at the thought of that. :)

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  1. SUCH a great kitchen. I really love how they put subway tile in the backs of their glass cabinets! Wow such a statement.

    1. The tile in the cabinets is probably my favorite part of the space! Such a simple way to make a big statement. I hope you are doing well!

  2. This kitchen is such a dream! I totally know what you mean about simplicity reigning queen over there. They've managed to find that balance in most everything, don't you think? Less is more! We need to start taking notes!

  3. You always feature the most gorgeous interiors on your blog Tiffany! Simple is one of my favourite words too - maybe why I like your style so much ;)
    Ashleigh xxoo

  4. Drooling allllll over my keyboard right now .... makes me double think instead of using black all the time to use this stunning blue.

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