Peanut butter and sliced fresh strawberry toast. This concept might be old news to you, but I tried this for the first time over the weekend and about DIED! This will hands-down be my version of PB&J this summer. The sweetness of the strawberries combined with the saltiness and creaminess of the peanut butter, and crunch from the toast - so very good! The bread was a whole grain bread fresh from the bakery, the peanut butter was all-natural (I use this one) and the strawberries were organic and fresh. I think fresh is really best here since there are so few ingredients and a lack of sugar-laced jam. I bet this would also be good with summer-ripened blueberries... Anyway, all of that made for a little slice of heaven - literally.  

Old Navy "Sweet Heart" Skinny Jeans. I bought these jeans a few weeks ago and am still in awe for a few reasons. They fit me better than pretty much all of my designer jeans. When I tried them on in the dressing room of the store, I just stood there in disbelief. They fit perfectly in waist, hips and thighs and are extremely comfortable. This fit is designed for curvy, pear-shaped figures. So if that is you, you might want to try these out! Oh and did I mention that they are only $29.50??? I'm still in shock... #notsponsored

Fresh peonies. Because fresh peonies are just necessary during this time of the year... 

My  kid. I'm not a mom to a child yet, but I am a mom to this fur baby. He is my alarm clock every morning. He goes off at 6:30AM EVERY morning, including weekends. But it was like he knew it was Mother's Day yesterday because he was quiet until 8AM. That made for a great start to the day...

Images by me

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  1. Beautiful images. Our peonies are in full bloom, and I love cutting a few to bring indoors. Will have to check out those jeans!!

  2. Oh I'm going to try that but with almond butter, looks delish!! Peonies are just the best, yay for peonies season! :)

  3. Ummm I've never even heard of strawberries and peanut butter but OH MAN that sounds good!

    Also, one of my favourite pair of jeans ever is from Old Navy (on sale for $8) - I'm just kicking myself for not scooping up 100 more pairs! Their rockstar jeans are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable too, I'm just saying :) They've totally stepped it up lately

  4. That cat just kills me! And I must remember the PB and Strawberry slices toast, yum!

  5. Okay, that peanut butter and strawberry thing you got going on ....... I have got to try that out!!!! Peonies will always be my favourite ..... especially the white ones. Those eyes on your fur baby ..... amazing!!!!!

  6. Agree about the jeans!! I was shocked and in love with them too! Perfect fit for my hips! Lol


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