{These pineapples would be PERFECT for these Grilled Fish Tacos w/ Pineapple Salsa...} 

I try to make it to the farmers market at least twice a month in the summer. This may be strange, but I find walking through farmers markets to be quite relaxing. I love looking at all of the different fruits, vegetables, plants, and all of the other things that one might really only see at a farmers market. The passion of the sellers sort of rubs off on me, which instantly enhances my attitude. The market just smells "fresh" and I love that, too...

I usually take a list of things I need with me so that my eyes don't talk me making purchases that I don't need. That doesn't always work, though... I often see something that looks so good that I have to have it. Does that happen to you?? I start researching recipes on my phone while I'm there so that my purchase can be justified... That's what happened to me this past weekend. I had a list of ingredients I needed for tomorrow's post (be sure to check back!!) and saw lots of other things that looked incredibly good. While I didn't purchase all of these, I photographed them for you and thought I would share some great recipes that include these fresh finds... Perhaps the recipes might entice you to purchase that one thing that you thought you didn't need during your next trip to the farmers market... :) 

{Crockpot French Onion Soup. Yes, yes and yes.}

{Mexican Casserole w/ Roasted Corn & Peppers. Nothing like Mexican food and a good casserole...}

{Pole beans - just extra large green beans in my opinion. This Pole & Shell Bean Salad w/ Mint has to be good. It's in NY Magazine after all... }

{The Best Carrot Cake... I believe it, too.}

{I did purchase one big bunch of this basil. It smelled amazing and was only $2 a bunch!! So I made this pesto and froze it for later...}

Images by me
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  1. I grow my own basil and am about ready to make some pesto, so your posting this was perfect timing for me. Thank you so much for all the great sounding recipes for the fresh produce found in abundance right now.

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