{This week's flowers...}

Well friends, last week was good. For some reason, I was lucky enough to be able to top that off with a great weekend. I started a really cold Saturday morning off in bed with a cup of hot lemon honey water and a bowl of homemade vanilla oatmeal. That was followed by an afternoon of shopping for winter clothes. I donated most of my really old sweaters (which was almost all of my sweaters), and refreshed with a few classic sweaters that I am in love with from Banana Republic. They are the kind of sweaters I know I will have for years. My amazing Pilates instructor gave me a great workout on Sunday and that afternoon I made this black bean quinoa chili (minus the cinnamon stick) for dinner. It was so good and warm!! And to top it all off, my mom got me the Stuart Weitzman 5050 boots (that I've only been wanting for 50 years!) yesterday for my upcoming birthday. They were 25% off on Piperlime along with all of the other boots and shoes on the site. AND they are still on sale!! Anyway, I'm hoping my luck will bring me another good week. I wish you the same!

{I took advantage of the sale at Banana Republic this weekend and refreshed my sweaters. BR has really stepped up their game this year (thanks to Marissa Webb)! The cable-knit sweaters (top & bottom) are SUPER soft. The waffle pullover tunic (second from bottom) feels equally as comfortable... I also added this plaid flannel shirt for a little color. It reminds me of Christmas... }

{I love dainty jewelry and this Kendra Scott necklace has quickly become a favorite of mine. I has just the right amount of sparkle and goes with everything! }

{While people were out enjoying Halloween, I was home in bed devouring Ina's new cookbook. It just might be my favorite out of all of her cookbooks. Reading it made me want to take a trip to the grocery store - right then! The recipes look so good and her tips on making everything ahead of time are wonderful. I highly recommend it! }

{Max really took advantage of this extra hour thing... That spot on my bed is where he spent all day Sunday. Didn't move at all. What a life... }

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  1. Perfect weekend. Loving those sweaters!! And, need to pick up her new cookbook ASAP!

  2. What a perfect weekend! You inspire me to do the same for myself. I know for sure that I will soon be purging my closet of A LOT of clothes!!! Feels darn good!

  3. Tiffany, can you explain the barefoot contessa thing? Is that Ina's alter ego? Anyways, cant wait to try the recipes!

    1. She used to own a specialty food store called "Barefoot Contessa!" Hope you like the book!

  4. Max is such a beauty! And you know I love that necklace;)

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one with an addiction to Ina. She makes me smile! It doesn't hurt that her recipes are easy AND amazing either.

  6. Your mom gets like triple stars for that gift!! Jeeeaaalous ;)
    Looove your BR picks, so so perfect!

  7. sounds like the perfect weekend. I have the same piggy bookends as you, but I didn't know Ina's book was out yet! I'm going to the book signing in a few weeks here and I can't wait. I'm going to order it now!

  8. I love Banana Republic and take advantage of their sales as well. :-) There is nothing like staying inside and reading some good cookbooks. I'm glad that you enjoyed them.

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