$10 Holiday Tokens

Christmas is quickly approaching and I have already started thinking of good gift ideas. Though times seem to be better than they were, times are still tough for many people. Even so, there is always that special group of people that you want to offer small tokens of appreciation to during the holiday season. People like the mom who calls you every night to check on you, the neighbor who keeps your kids while you go on date nights with your spouse, the co-worker who is always there for you through the good projects and the bad, and the best friend who has always been there for you through the thick and the thin. They are the people that allow you to savor your time and your life. So below are just a few stylish tokens of appreciation for that special person. And they are all $10 or less! 

Buzz Glasses @ Crate & Barrel - $2.95 per glass

Handbag Hook @ ZGallerie - $9.95

Doorknob Bottle Stoppers @ Pottery Barn - $10

Keep Calm & Carry On Journal @ Barnes & Noble - $8.99 

iPlunge iPhone Device Stand @ ZGallerie - $6.95

Teavana Tea Storage Tin @ Teavana - $7.00

Tie Caddy @ The Container Store - $7.95

Memo Mousepad @ - $9.50

By the way, I researched most of these items on November 27th, so I'm sure that if you might find even better deals on these items TODAY! Happy shopping!
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  1. These are great ideas! I know that the purse holder is always nice. My step-mother purchased several for women in her organization. I think I will get the tea container for her and a good friend of mine. Thanks for the ideas!


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