Is Your Closet Organized?

It's the beginning of year and if you are like me, you are working on getting healthy, getting focused, and getting organized. Speaking of getting organized, I ran across these amazing closets via Canadian House and Home that are the epitome organization.

My closet certainly doesn't mirror any of these. However, they do motivate me to work with what I have! So if you would excuse me, I have some organizing to do. :)
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  1. My goodness these closets are amazing! I wish my closet looked like any one of these.

  2. i think my favorite is the last one, because i love the relationship between the bedroom and the shelving above the closet entry.

    yes, my month is all about cleaning and organizing. i added shelving to my bedroom closet a few years ago, so my big goal for the year is tackling my office. wait until you see the "before" pics!

  3. Oh, my closet is a wreck and has always been. I would love to have some beautiful cabinetry and lighting with a dressing area.

  4. love this post!!! oh, to have a closet like one of those pics!!!

    your newest follower~

  5. Oh these are fabulous!
    Thank you for your sweet note, glad the link party is a help!


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